How do you use worldview in a sentence?

How do you use worldview in a sentence?

Worldview sentence example

  1. This revolution in the worldview is no longer the possession of philosophers and scholars, but the multitude accepts it in part.
  2. We have a hard time seeing this world without scarcity because we are firmly planted in the worldview of scarcity.

What is an example of belief system?

Belief systems are in part concerned with the existence or nonexistence of certain conceptual entities. God, motherland, witches, and assassination conspiracies are examples of such entities. Belief systems often include representations of alternative worlds, typically the world as it is and the world as it should be.

Which worldviews use faith and reason?

All worldview families use faith and reason.

How does worldview affect culture?

Worldviews shape, or help determine, values. Values change across cultures, since they have to do with what we consider most important, and the ways we see our relationships, the world, and ourselves.

Are all worldviews private?

All worldviews are private. There is no such thing as a shared worldview.

What is another word for worldview?

What is another word for worldview?

philosophy viewpoint
perspective slant
standpoint understanding
angle position
posture view

What is belief system?

The belief system of a person or society is the set of beliefs that they have about what is right and wrong and what is true and false.

What is the modern world view?

The Modern Worldview People with modern worldviews tend to emphasize rationality, science, logic, and critical thinking, and they often question imposed views from (religious) traditions and the past. To do something “because we have always done it” is not an argument for moderns.

How does worldview change?

Worldview isn’t static: it changes over time, and with new experiences. And, as it takes shape, our worldview becomes more than just how we see the world; it becomes the basis for how we act in the world and the choices we make as citizens of our local and global community.

Why is worldview so important?

A worldview is important because it is the bumper guard of life. It sets up the parameters within which our lives are led. Love God, Spread the Word and Encourage others is part of my worldview. Another way of thinking about our worldview is to examine our capacity to be self-aware.

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