How does a transmission valve body fail?

How does a transmission valve body fail?

Causes of Transmission Body Valve Failure When the lubricant used becomes worn out or leaks out, the metal parts of the transmission valve body rub against each other and wear out, causing tiny metal pieces to find their way into the transmission fluid.

Can you rebuild a transmission valve body?

Rebuilding the valve body is a great option that is typically less expensive than purchasing and installing a brand new or remanufactured one. While saving you and your customer money is a great benefit in general, there are situations where rebuilding a valve body is especially appropriate.

Can you drive with a bad transmission valve body?

When you experience a symptom of a bad transmission valve body, it is typically very noticeable. Chances are that you won’t be able let it go for too long because it will greatly impact your driving ability and will likely frustrate you while trying to change gears.

How do I know if my transmission valve is bad?

Symptoms of a Failing Valve Body

  1. Delayed Garage Shifts. One of the most common symptoms of a failing transmission valve body is a delay in shifting or harsh shifting.
  2. Incorrect Shifting. When driving, you could notice the transmission shifting into higher or lower gears at the wrong time.
  3. Shift Flares.
  4. Gear Slippage.

When should a transmission valve body be replaced?

Generally speaking, if you have a higher mileage car (100,000 miles or more), you should simply replace your valve body. For lower mileage cars, rebuilding the current transmission valve body is a fairly good option if you’re dealing with a good transmission shop.

Is the valve body part of the transmission?

The valve body is a major component of any transmission. It is a control center that looks like a maze filled with valves, passages, and solenoids that divert transmission fluid where it’s needed.

How do I find the transmission number on a 48RE?

21 – 132 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION – 48REDR Fig. 1 48RE Transmission DRAUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION – 48RE 21 – 133 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION – 48RE (Continued) IDENTIFICATION Transmission identification numbers are stamped on the left side of the case just above the oil pan gas- ket surface (Fig. 2). Refer to this information when ordering replacement parts.

Where is the oil pump on a 48 RedR transmission?

The oil pump is mounted at the front of the transmission and is driven by the torque con- verter hub. The pump supplies the oil pressure nec- essary for clutch/band actuation and transmission lubrication. 21 – 132 AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION – 48REDR

What are the parts of a manual transmission?

The transmission contains a front, rear, and direct clutch which function as the input driving compo- nents. It also contains the kickdown (front) and the low/reverse (rear) bands which, along with the over- running clutch and overdrive clutch, serve as the holding components.

What kind of valve does Rere replace?

Replaces 4-spool valves only. Fits all Chrysler RWD models, including ’05-later units with motorized linkage. Fits both short and long OE detent bore designs.

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