How does a VACOped boot work?

How does a VACOped boot work?

Due to you recently injuring this tendon, you have been supplied with a VACOped which is like a bean bag; the liner is filled with polystyrene beads that mould around your foot and leg. Air is then vacuumed out so that the polystyrene beads contour around your foot and ankle to provide customised protection.

Can I drive with a VACOped boot?

∎ Discard the VACOped boot and use heel pads indoors and outdoors for one week, then only when outdoors for a further 2-3 weeks. ∎ You should be able to drive within a week of being out of the boot and in normal footwear – BUT YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO DO AN EMERGENCY STOP!

Can you swim with VACOped?

Swim in the VACOped!* Yes, you really can! Don’t let your injury ruin your vacation or summer. The VACOped and VACOcast boot components are waterproof. You will need an extra liner to swim.

How do you clean VACOped?

Can I wash my VACOped, if so what with? Washing your VACOped is no problem simply, wipe clean with warm soapy water and then dry off with a towel.

How long does a VACOped boot last?

Total time in a VACOPED boot will usually be around 11 weeks but this may vary slightly depending on your clinical findings. 0-4 weeks- fixed 30 degrees equinus (Tip Toe) with thick sole in place.

Should you sleep with the boot on?

You DO have to put the boot back on before you put your feet down in the morning. You need to keep the boot close to you on the floor or on your nightstand so you can reach it easily. You SHOULD keep the boot on while you’re laying around the house to prevent bumping the injury and to help the foot heal properly.

How long until you can drive after Achilles tendon surgery?

Drive? If you drive a manual or have your right foot operated on…you’ll have to wait until your ankle is strong and flexible enough to work the pedals. This usually takes between 6-8 weeks after surgery. You do not want to rush this; you could endanger yourself in traffic or emergency situations if you drive too soon.

Can I walk in a VACOped boot?

If you were treated in the VACOped Boot you will remain in the boot, locked at 30°. You are allowed to weight-bear as pain allows, with the help of crutches. The boot must be worn at all times and must not get wet; care needs to be taken when you are having a wash, bath, or shower.

How can I clean walking boot liner?

Cleaning & Maintenance Remove the liner from the frame and wash in warm water with a mild detergent. Allow to air dry completely before placing back in the frame. Do not place liner in washing machine or dryer as it may damage the inner air bladders. The frame of the boot may be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Can a torn Achilles tendon heal without surgery?

Nonsurgical treatment starts with immobilizing your leg. This prevents you from moving the lower leg and ankle so that the ends of the Achilles tendon can reattach and heal. A cast, splint, brace, walking boot, or other device may be used to do this. Both immobilization and surgery are often successful.

Can you walk on a broken foot with a boot?

Walking: You may walk on the foot as comfort allows but you may find it easier to walk on your heel in the early stages. If supplied, wear the boot for comfort and use crutches when walking. It is ok to take the boot off at night, when resting at home and to wash.

What is a vacoped boot?

VACOped Achilles Injury/Fracture Orthosis Boot is the f irst c hoice of patients and physicians alike for treating Achilles injuries. It has an adjustable, articulating ankle feature for dynamic settings such as plantar flexion and controlled Range of Motion (ROM) thus allowing and enabling an active recovery.

What is the return policy for vacoped shoes?

You may be charged a restocking fee up to 50% of item’s price for used or damaged returns and up to 100% for materially different item. In Stock. VACOped Achilles Injury/Fracture Orthosis Boot – Simply The Best Boot on The Market! Hygienic – Removable sole & washable liner. (second liner recommended)

Is the vacoped CAM boot covered by insurance?

The VACOped CAM boot is often covered by Medicare and private insurance. You can also ask your surgeon if you can buy the VACOped by yourself and use it for your injury.

How do you wash the liners of a Vaco boot pack?

Hi Dave, I got a VACOped Ankle Joint Orthosis boot pack. In the box there are 2 liners, just make sure they give you the other one after they fit the Vaco boot itself. The liners are washable, you just remove the vacuum bag from inside the liner, similar to a pillow case.

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