How does Jo want the story to end Why?

How does Jo want the story to end Why?

According to her, neither Roger Skunk nor the wizard was wrong in the story. Jo refused to accept the end where Roger Skunk’s mother hit the wizard and that too without being hit back. She wanted the story to end with the wizard hitting back the mother skunk with his magic wand on her head.

How does the writer suggest that Jack found the whole exercise of telling the story to Jo tedious?

He used a named Roger for his animal characters such as Roger squirrel, Roger fish and Roger Lion. Jack had begun to find the story telling ritual a chore because it had almost become a routine for him to frame a Roger-animal story to tell Jo and put her to bed.

Why was Jo not happy with the ending of the story?

Explanation: Jo was not happy with the ending of ending of the story because at the end end the mother of baby skunk beated the wizard who gave the Roger Skunk what he wanted. That is the smell like roses so that other creatures play with him.

What is the stance in writing?

In short, stance in academic writing is most simply described as being the attitude of the writer towards the thesis, arguments or evidence that are described in the essay, such as whether the writer agrees or disagrees with a particular piece of information.

Why did Jack feel irritated with his daughter again and again?

Answer: He wanted his daughter to understand the fact that mothers can never be wrong. Jack feels caught in the ugly middle position because his little daughter. Jo was in a defiant mood and wanted the wizard to hit mommy.

Why is the moment of silence called exotic?

(b) It would be called an exotic moment because it will be an instance of universal peace and brotherhood. In that moment, all of us would initiate introspection through meditation and the whole world will be enveloped in quietness.

Why was the wizard’s house so dirty?

Answer: Then Jack describes how the house of the wizard was really dirty from inside because he did not have a cleaning lady to which Jo asked tha why was it so. He then replied that because he was a very old man and also a wizard, he did not require any cleaning lady.

How did Jo and Jack differ on the ending of the story?

Answer: Jo had never opposed the ending of any other story narrated by Jack. She had never challenged her father’s authority and never interrupted his narration earlier. Through this story, Jack wanted to prove that parents always know what is right, but Jo entirely disapproved of the ending of the Skunk’s story.

Should wizard hit mommy MCQ questions?

CBSE Class 12 English Should Wizard hit the Mommy MCQs

  • Q1- Who is the author of the lesson?
  • Q2- What is this story about?
  • Q3- How did the wizard help Roger Skunk?
  • Q4- What did the Wizard ask Roger?
  • Q5- How did Jo want the story of Roger Skunk to end?
  • Q6- Who hit whom in the original story?
  • Q7- Why does Jo call Roger’s mom stupid?

Why did Jack feel happy when he saw Jo switch her legs tensely?

Sitting on the bed beside her, Jack felt the covers tug as her legs switched tensely. He was pleased with this moment — he was telling her something true, something she must know — and had no wish to hurry on.

What message does the author want to convey through the story should wizard hit mommy?

what message does the author want to convey through the story ‘should wizard hit mommy’ ? The story charts the conflict between parents and children, the irritation and annoyance felt by the older generation when their customs and authority is challenged or questioned by the younger generation.

Why did Jack feel his head empty?

Jack began to feel his head was empty by the time his daughter became two years old. He felt there were no more ideas for a new story in it!

What did the skunk family have for dessert?

Then they had lima beans, pork chops, celery, mashed potatoes ad Pie-oh-My for Dessert. She hugged Skunk time and again and showered affection. Now Skunk smelled like her little baby again.

What is the meaning of stance?

noun. the position or bearing of the body while standing: legs spread in a wide stance; the threatening stance of the bull. a mental or emotional position adopted with respect to something: They assumed an increasingly hostile stance in their foreign policy.

Who lived in the little white house should wizard hit mommy?

At last Roger Skunk was able to reach a little white house and tapped for opening the gate. There lived a tiny old man with a long white beard in it. He wore a pointed hat on his head. He was the Wizard.

What story did Jo want to hear the next day and why?

Jo wanted her father to tell the same story but change the ending-wizard would hit the mommy and give back the rose smell to Roger -could not bear the thought of Roger with his foul smell and without any friends -father angry with Jo for interfering in his story- refused to change the endingwants her to learn to …

Why does Jo insist that her father should tell her the story with a different ending the next day?

Jo insists that her father should tell her the story with a different ending because according to her, neither Roger Skunk nor the wizard was wrong. She fails to understand why the skunk’s mother hit the kind wizard without being hit back. But his mother is deeply enraged at this ‘awful smell’.

Why did Jack tell his daughter a story everyday?

Story telling had become a necessary practice for Jack in the evenings and on Saturdays. It was for his daughter Jo so that she could have a nap. This had been in practice when Jo was two years old.

Why do you think Jack refused to change the ending of the story as suggested by his daughter?

Jack refused to change the ending of the story suggested by her daughter according to which mommy should hit wizard back because subconsciously he was trying to defend her own mother as he also felt the same humiliation in his childhood and she believed that his mother was right.

What part of the story did Jack enjoy the most and why?

What part of the story did Jack himself enjoy the most and why? Jack enjoyed the part of the story most when he had to speak in the wizard’s voice, as it was one of Jack’s own favourite effects. He did it by scrunching up his face and somehow whining through his eyes. He felt being an old man suited him.

What do you understand by stance in academic writing?

Stance can be defined as the attitude that the writer has towards the topic of his or her message. The stance that you take will greatly determine the tone of your message and the words that you choose. Notice, for example, how the authors in the following examples describe the same event that they attended.

What made Jack continue the story?

Jack was so engrossed in the story himself that he couldn’t stop midway. He was in a way narrating his own childhood experiences and thus, he did not want the story to end abruptly. He wanted to avoid being with her and thus, he continued to narrate the story.

What is your stance regarding the two endings?

Q5 : What is your stance regarding the two endings to the Roger Skunk story? Answer : On the contrary, if the story ends as Jo wanted it to, it will stop her from believing in and respecting her elders. She may even start believing that there is nothing wrong in hitting elders.

Why did Jack agree to use skunk as the hero of his story?

Answer: Through the story of “Roger Skunk”, the narrator Jack wants to emphasize on the fact that mothers are always right and they know what is best for their child. Jack believes in the importance of individuality and the acceptance of what is natural rather than social acceptance by peers.

What is your stance on the issue?

Your stance is your posture or the way you stand. Figuratively, if you take a stance against bullying, you are standing against it. If you take a stance on a contentious issue, it means you believe strongly about it one way or the other.

Why did Jack disapprove of Jo’s ending of the story?

Jo disapproved of the end to the story because she believed that the wizard should have hit mommy on the head and not change the little skunk back. Jack refused to retell the story even though she was adamant, wanting the story to end the way she liked it, as a happy ending where Roger Skunk got what he wanted.

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