How far is Brela from airport?

How far is Brela from airport?

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Duration 2h 10m
Distance 54 km
Average price 220 kn
Nearby airports 5 found

Are Zlatni rats worth?

It’s super popular amongst visitors to Croatia as it’s considered to be the best beach in the country and one of the most unique in the world. If you are planning to come to Zlatni Rat, I strongly recommend to take a few days extra to explore the rest of the island of Brac, is very much worth it!

Is the beach at Brela worth it?

We were lucky to find a spot just as we were coming close to the end of Brela, but that was after a lot of searching. It was definitely worth it though, the water is crystal crystal clear and you can see the fish in the water around you, the view from the sea back to the beach and up at the mountains is absolutely stunning..

What to do in Brela?

1 Baska Voda. A lovely place to visit very close to Brela is the holiday resort Baska Voda. 2 Makarska Old Town. The city of Makarska is located 18 kilometers from Brela and a visit to the beautiful old town and its attractions is almost part of every visitor’s 3 Biokovo Nature Park. 4 Omis.

Are Dogs Allowed on the beach in Brela?

Pets are not allowed on beach, except on a small part in Stomarica. Bars and restaurants you will find all the way long. Fruit shops as well, and Brela Soline has Konzum, Plus, Studenac and all facilities you need. Rather clean beach toilets, and possibilities to change clothes.

What are the best beaches in Brela Croatia?

One of the most famous beaches in Brela Croatia is the Punta Rata but there are plenty of options with lots of fun water activities. And as you would expect in any Croatian destination, you would really get to see the majestic beauty of nature in this town.

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