How fast does the ECX ruckus go?

How fast does the ECX ruckus go?

The 21 mph top speed is decent for a 18th scaler, and while not crazy brushless fast, the Ruckus had enough yank to throw roost on loose surfaces.

Is the ECX ruckus waterproof?

Waterproof Electronics ESC, Receiver, and Servo are all waterproof making the Ruckus truly an all-weather, all-season and all-country RC truck.

Is the ECX Ruckus 1 18 waterproof?

The ECX® Ruckus® Monster Truck has impressed drivers ever since it hit the RC scene. The 1/18-Scale ECX® Ruckus® Monster Truck comes ready to dominate the pavement with beastly features and ferocity. A shaft-driven 4WD drivetrain and waterproof electronics keep the Ruckus driving where other bashers simply can’t.

Who makes Ruckus RC car?

Electrix Ruckus RTR 1/10 4WD RC Monster Truck.

How fast is the ECX torment?

A 25 mph top speed is standard for the class and is typically enough to keep most people interested. There are no big jolts of power coming out of the 15 turn Dynamite motor, just plenty of steady, easy to use, pull. Radio: Like many other Horizon products, the K&N Torment came with a Spektrum DX2E.

What motor does ECX ruckus have?

This version of the Ruckus comes fully-loaded for high-speed mayhem and off-road shenanigans with a Dynamite® Tazer™ 4-pole 3300KV 540-size brushless motor as well as an impressive shaft-driven 4WD system.

Who makes the ECX torment?

ECX is the reinvented Electrix RC brand offered by Horizon Hobby. For its first release, ECX has unveiled a new 1/10-scale RTR short course truck. This truck features a Dynamite motor, electronic speed control, tires and wheels, Spektrum 2.4GHz radio system, and is competitively priced at $160.

What scale is the ECX torment?

The 1/18-scale Torment™ from ECX® builds on the legacy of the bigger, 1/10-scale version and packs in all the short course fun and action you love into a smaller package.

Is the ECX Ruckus monster truck a good RC truck?

The ECX Ruckus Monster Truck impressed drivers ever since it hit the RC scene. The 1/18-Scale 4WD Ruckus Monster Truck comes ready to dominate the pavement with beastly features and an unbeatable RTR package that won’t break the bank. Ball Bearings: Transmission only.

Why choose Horizon Hobby RC cars?

The Horizon Hobby selection of RC Cars & RC Trucks are quality built and designed for maximum performance, speed, durability, and fun. We have ready-to-run RC vehicles for beginners along with custom build models of RC cars, trucks, drifters, and more.

Is the Ruckus a good truck to buy?

Fun Factor: B It’s nearly impossible not to have fun with a 4wd brushless monster truck and the Ruckus is no exception. Handling: B The stock suspension settings are right in the ballpark and the Ruckus is a blast to catch airtime with. Value: B At $329 the Ruckus packs a lot of key features like waterproofing, brushless power, 4wd and AVC.

How do you put a ruckus in reverse?

A number of Horizon based trucks have a problem going into reverse and the Ruckus was another one of them. You can’t just slam the truck into reverse, nor can you make quick stabs to get it to go. You have to come to a complete stop then slowly move the trigger to reverse before it will obey the command. Once you are used to it it’s no big deal.

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