How fast does the MG34 shoot?

How fast does the MG34 shoot?

MG 34

Maschinengewehr 34
Cartridge 7.92×57mm Mauser
Action Open bolt, Recoil-operated, Rotating bolt
Rate of fire 800–900 rounds/min Early versions: 600–1,000 rounds/min selectable on pistol grip MG 34″S”: 1,500 rounds/min. MG 34/41: 1,200 rounds/min. Practical: 150 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 765 m/s (2,510 ft/s) (s.S. Patrone)

How effective is MG34?

“…the MG34 was so well made it was difficult to mass-produce in a timely or cost-effective fashion during wartime conditions.” Used by the German military through World War II, the MG34 was extremely effective thanks to its 800- to 900-rpm rate of fire and 7.92x57mm chambering, but it was difficult to mass-produce.

How many machine guns were on Omaha Beach?

The beach defences at Omaha consisted of 8 concrete bunkers containing 75 mm or greater artillery, 35 pillboxes, 18 anti-tank guns, six mortar pits, 35 Nebelwerfer (multi-barrel rocket launchers), 85 machine gun nests, 6 tank turrets and supporting infantry.

Is the MG42 still in service?

The MG 42’s lineage continued past Nazi Germany’s defeat, forming the basis for the nearly identical MG1 (MG 42/59), chambered in 7.62×51mm NATO, which subsequently evolved into the MG1A3, and later the Bundeswehr’s MG 3, Italian MG 42/59 and Austrian MG 74….

MG 42
In service 1942–present
Used by See Users

Was MG34 better than MG42?

Designed and put into service in 1942, the MG 42 with its stamped metal parts was cheaper, easier to produce, more reliable, more user-friendly and arguably more lethal than the MG 34. The new gun boasted a nearly 100% increase in range to 2000 meters and 50% increase in rate of fire to 1500 rounds per minute.

What is the difference between MG34 and MG42?

The main difference between the MG 34 and MG 42 is reliability in combat action. The MG 34 was a precision manufactured weapon and quite unreliable in muddy, dusty, cold and humid conditions. In comparison the MG42 was mainly manufactured with stamped metal parts and had higher tolerances.

What is better MG42 or browning?

The MG42 was better and more effective than the Browning primarily because of the way it was deployed. Each squad had one (or the MG34). Later in the war the Germans fielded squads with two machine guns because they were running out of people.

What is the German MG 42/59 machine gun?

The German MG 42/59 that was introduced in 1959 with the Bundeswehr to replace the U.S. machine guns, served as the basis, which was similar to the Austrian 7.62 mm MG 42. Targets were to reduce, among other things, the cyclic rate of fire and weight and have more versatile sights and mount.

What kind of gun is a laufschützer 42?

The Laufschützer 42 was derived from the Laufschützer 34 that served the same purpose for MG 34 barrel units. Later in the war the universal Laufschützer 43 was introduced that could be used with MG 43 and MG 42 barrel units. MG 42 mounted on a Lafette 42 tripod .

What was unique about German machine guns in WW2?

Another unique feature of German World War II machine guns was the Tiefenfeuerautomat feature on the Lafette 42 and Lafette 34 tripods. It lengthened the beaten zone by walking the fire in wave-like motions up and down the range in a predefined area.

What were the disadvantages of the MG 42 in the war?

The MG 42’s high cyclic rate of fire sometimes proved a liability mainly in that, while the weapon could be used to devastating effect, it could quickly exhaust its ammunition supply.

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