How is Steve Jobs different from Bill Gates?

How is Steve Jobs different from Bill Gates?

However, the primary difference between these two icons lies in their inventions. Steve Jobs was the founder of Apple while Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft. He was an entrepreneur; he was the co-founder, chief executive and chairman of Apple computer. Before his death in October 2011, he had enormous success.

How are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates similar?

Similarities between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates They are hardworking geniuses, good at implementing high-quality ideas and working on those ideas to convert them into successful products. They are enthusiastic and take risks without tensions in the field of Information Communication and Technology (ICT).

Why did Bill Gates and Steve Jobs differ so much?

One of the biggest differences with Bill Gates from Steve Jobs is he was not as creative as Steve. He didn’t share his passion for developing through his ideas alone. Bill Gates had a unique skillset. He was able to visualize his goal and dreams and move forward with his process to make them come true.

Did Bill Gates steal from Steve Jobs?

Bill Gates did steal the ideas from the Macintosh to make windows. Apple did not steal ideas from Xerox, they did license and Xerox actually had open houses all the time, they had lectures and were quite open about what they had made, which was close to a 100 thousand dollar computer.

Who is the real genius Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

“Jobs was a genius, what he did, particularly when he came back to Apple, no one else could do what he did there. I couldn’t have done that,” Gates said in the interview. The co-founder of Microsoft said that Jobs was “wizard” when it came to motivating people and jokingly said that was “so jealous” of that quality.

Does Bill Gates use an iPhone?

In an interview on Clubhouse, Gates explained why he prefers to use an Android phone and not the iPhone. Because I want to keep track of everything, I’ll often play around with iPhones, but the one I carry around happens to be Android.” So Gates does use an iPhone but it’s not his daily driver.

Who has greater contributions in the evolution of computer is it Bill Gates or Steve Jobs?

He’ll no doubt be considered one of the 20th and 21st centuries great innovators. But history will show that Bill Gates had a greater impact. Steve Jobs talents were considerable, and his impact enormous. He made computers usable and elegant, rather than forbidding and awkward.

Who did Bill Gates steal windows from?

Gary Kildall had created an OS called CP/M. IBM was shopping for an OS for its PC, and struck a deal with Microsoft. Microsoft didn’t actually had an OS when they made the deal, so Bill Gates paid Tim Patterson $75,000 for QDOS (Quick and Dirty OS), which was actually a clone of Kildall’s CP/M.

How does Steve Jobs compare to Bill Gates of Microsoft?

Comparison between Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft: On 24th of February 1955, Steve Jobs born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, he is best know as the co-founder & CEO of Apple Computer and somewhat less so for his leadership of Pixar which is a computer animation studio.

Why is Bill Gates so successful?

One of the reason why Bill Gates is so successful is that he did not underestimate himself, he always believed on himself. It’s very interesting to know that even with all that money, he drives himself in a normal family car to work and he also flies a coach.

How did Bill Gates get started in computer programming?

At the age of 13, Bill Gates wrote his first program to play farmer-chess. The computer he used was big, heavy and very slow, he was very obsessed with this computer as it did not have a screen, so to view who had won they had to run over to the big printer and they used to look at the score.

What did Steve Jobs do before he invented the computer?

In 1974, Jobs worked as a video game designer in Atari, Inc., a pioneer in electronic arcade recreation. He was not interested in creating electronics, he was interested in marketing electronic products. So he started to plan and he convinced Wozniak to work along with him to build a personal computer.

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