How is the Wrightsville bridge connected to the Civil War?

How is the Wrightsville bridge connected to the Civil War?

WRIGHTSVILLE, Pa. — The structure was one of the world’s longest covered bridges until it was burned 149 years ago. The Confederate Army was trying to cross the Susquehanna River, but the people of Columbia and Wrightsville covered it in oil and set the bridge on fire, stopping the Confederate advance.

When did the Wrightsville bridge burn?

June 28, 1863
The event I am referring to is known as the “Burning of the Columbia Wrightsville Bridge.” Occurring on June 28, 1863, just 72 hours before the Battle of Gettysburg, this catastrophic event did not just destroy an ordinary bridge-it destroyed an extraordinary bridge.

When was the Columbia Wrightsville Bridge built?

Veterans Memorial Bridge/Construction started

Construction of the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge in 1929-1930 created the longest multi-span concrete arch bridge in the world at the time. It has 27 river piers and 22 approach piers, spanning a total of 1.26 miles.

How many miles is the Wrightsville Bridge?

Veterans Memorial Bridge/Total length

How long did it take to build the Wrightsville Bridge?

Construction on the fourth bridge began in 1897 and took only twenty-one days; considered the fastest bridge building job in the world at the time. Consisting of twenty-eight steel arches, each 185 feet long, the Columbia-Wrightsville bridge is believed to be the longest concrete arch bridge in the world.

How many times has the Columbia Wrightsville bridge been built?

Having been rebuilt four different times since its conception in 1812, the Columbia-Wrightsville Bridge is the longest concrete arch bridge in the world as well as being the site of a significant skirmish in the American Civil War.

What is the widest river in PA?

Susquehanna River

Susquehanna River
Native name Siskëwahane (Unami)
Country United States
States New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland

How old is the Columbia Wrightsville Bridge?

92c. 1930
Veterans Memorial Bridge/Age

What happened at the Battle of Wrightsville Bridge?

As the Confederates surged forward, the bridge erupted in flames. Gordon’s men worked for hours to extinguish the blaze. They kept Wrightsville from going up in smoke, but the bridge, financed by the First National Bank of Columbia, was destroyed. Gordon’s brigade was recalled to York the next day.

Where is the Columbia–Wrightsville Bridge located?

The Columbia–Wrightsville Bridge, officially the Veterans Memorial Bridge, spans the Susquehanna River between Columbia and Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, and carries Pennsylvania Route 462 and BicyclePA Route S. Built originally as the Lancaster-York Intercounty Bridge, construction began in 1929,…

Why was the bridge burned in the Civil War?

To prevent the advance of Confederate troops across the river from the Wrightsville (York County) side during the Civil War, the bridge was burned by Union militia under Maj. Granville O. Haller and Col. Jacob G. Frick on June 28, 1863.

What happened in the Battle of Harrisburg in 1863?

By late June 1863, the Confederate Army had invaded Pennsylvania. After capturing York, the Rebels planned to take the state capital, Harrisburg, and possibly Philadelphia. To get there, they would need to cross the Susquehanna River at Wrightsville.

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