How long does it take to get CNPR certified?

How long does it take to get CNPR certified?

Students need to thoroughly study the CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Training Manual to become prepared to sit for the CNPR examination. For the average student it takes about 60-80 hours of study time to successfully pass the CNPR examination.

How do I get CNPR certified?

The CNPR Pharmaceutical Sales Program details include: To successfully complete pharmaceutical sales industry training a CNPR student must pass a 160 question exam within the required time limit of 120 minutes (45 seconds per question, 78% of our students passed on their first attempt this year).

How long is the CNPR test?

The CNPR Certification As an entry-level sales representative, you may not have experience in the field, but having this stamp on your resume will really show you have the skills you need. The test consists of 160 questions that must be finished in less than 120 minutes.

How much does CNPR certification cost?

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What score do you need to pass CNPR?

Get licensed or certified And when you’re ready, you’ll take the CNPR Examination. It’s a two-hour exam that requires a minimum score of 80% to pass. Completion of the program helps current pharma sales reps stay up-to-date on the industry and selling techniques.

Is the CNPR exam online?

When the CNPR student feels comfortable with the Pharmaceutical Industry terms and information in Training Manual, they take the CNPR examination. The test will be administered online and must be completed within 2 hours. Your score will be immediately displayed upon submission of the test.

How long is pharmaceutical sales training?

The PRC program takes on average about 4 weeks (12 hours course time) to complete. It’s self-paced, so everyone will be different.

How long is training for pharmaceutical sales?

The PRC program takes on average about 4 weeks (12 hours course time) to complete.

What does CNPR mean?


Acronym Definition
CNPR Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative
CNPR ConfederaciĆ³n Nacional de Propietarios Rurales (Spanish: National Confederation of Rural Property Owners; Mexico)
CNPR Compania Nationala Posta Romana (Romanian: Romanian National Post Company)
CNPR Center for Non-Profit Resources

What is the CNPR exam like?

The CNPR exam is considered “open book”. You will have approximately 40 seconds per question. in order to pass the exam you need to read the question and answer t. These time restrictions insure the industry that you have properly acquired the knowledge.)

How much does pharmaceutical sales training cost?

Time to complete this education training ranges from 15 hours to 6 months depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 1 month. The cost to attend National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives ranges from $126 to $500 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $300.

What certifications do I need for pharmaceutical sales?

One of the most popular pharmaceutical sales certifications is the Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative (CNPR) credential. This certification provides training in pharmacology, medical terminology, physiology, and pharmaceutical sales regulations. Training for the CNPR can often be done online.

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