How long is Evenflo Symphony good for?

How long is Evenflo Symphony good for?

All Evenflo car seats expire 6 years following their date of manufacture, with a few exceptions: the Symphony car seat line expires 8 years after the date of manufacture, because it is an all-in-one car seat with extended use from infant seat through belt-positioning booster.

Is Evenflo Symphony FAA approved?

FAA Approval: The Symphony is approved for use on aircraft in harnessed mode only. The FAA label is on the back of the seat.

What is the difference between Evenflo Symphony LX and DLX?

Both the Symphony LX and the Symphony DLX are all-in-one car seats that are equipped with the same enhanced features with one key feature that sets them apart. The Symphony LX is equipped with the Quick Connect LATCH System, while the Symphony DLX comes with SureLATCH Connectors with a built-in auto-retractor.

Is Evenflo car seat safe?

Evenflo LiteMax DLX is one of the safest infant car seats on the market, with many high-end attributes clearly indicating the quality and intelligence of its design.

Does the Evenflo car seat turn into a booster?

The Evenflo® Chase® Plus 2-in-1 Booster Car Seat adjusts to fit your child 22 – 120 lbs. from a forward-facing harnessed booster seat to a high back booster with vehicle belt. RightFit™ will auto-adjust the vehicle belt when you adjust the headrest to the correct height ensuring a proper fit.

Is Evenflo compatible with Graco?

Evenflo car seats will not fit well with other brands such as Graco strollers. Each manufacturer makes products with unique features that will not always fit with a different brand.

What are the best car seats on Evenflo?

Evenflo offers a wide range of car seats and booster seats. In the middle of their lineup of convertible and multimode car seats is the well-featured Symphony. This plush car seat isn’t particularly long lasting or easy to move between vehicles but it has plenty of interesting features to offer.

What is the weight limit for Evenflo Symphony DLX?

Ship it! ALL-IN-ONE CAR SEAT: The Evenflo Symphony DLX all-in-one car seat accommodates children from 5 to 110 pounds and features three modes: rear-facing, forward-facing harness, and belt-positioning booster. 5-POINT HARNESS: Our Evenflo all-in-one car seat includes a five-point harness that has been tested to a 65-pound weight limit.

What is the weight limit for the Evenflo all-in-one car seat?

The Evenflo all-in-one car seat includes a five-point harness that has been tested to a 65-pound weight limit for forward-facing use. This allows longer harness use, until the child is ready for a belt-positioning booster mode.

Is the symphony DLX all in one car seat safe?

This creativity and ingenuity are showcased with our Symphony DLX All-in-One Car Seat. Built with durable materials and scientifically engineered for maximum safety and comfort, this all-in-one children’s car seat is exceptionally diverse, easy to install, and can provide a safe and secure ride for children up to 110 pounds.

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