How many Billboard #1 Does Carrie Underwood have?

How many Billboard #1 Does Carrie Underwood have?

85 Billboard number
Underwood has accumulated over 85 Billboard number-ones. She has had 16 singles top the Billboard Country Airplay, and 14 singles top the Hot Country Songs. Underwood has the longest streak of top 10 promoted singles from a career’s start on the Hot Country Songs chart at 27.

What is Carrie Underwood’s #1 song?

1: “Inside Your Heaven” Underwood’s first No. 1 single was not long after her big American Idol win.

What is the biggest song in Billboard history?

Blinding Lights
Top 10 songs of all time (1958–2021)

Rank Single Year(s) released
1. “Blinding Lights” 2019
2. “The Twist” 1960, 1961 ( re )
3. “Smooth” 1999
4. “Mack the Knife” 1959

What is Carrie Underwood’s biggest hit song?

“Before He Cheats” is Underwood’s biggest commercial hit and the best of her revenge songs, even if others felt more believable. So why isn’t it No. 1?

Does Carrie Underwood have a golden single?

Among Underwood’s newest certifications is a Gold Digital Single for her most recent #1 smash, “Little Toy Guns,” as well as her highest RIAA Digital Single honor to date: a 5x-Platinum certification for her chart-topping blockbuster, “Before He Cheats.” With that accomplishment, Underwood becomes one of only five …

What is Carrie Underwood’s best album?

The best album credited to Carrie Underwood is Blown Away which is ranked number 9,233 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 126. Carrie Underwood is ranked number 4,203 in the overall artist rankings with a total rank score of 196.

What is Carrie Underwood’s most successful album?

Blown Away
She achieved the second best-selling release by a woman in 2012 and won a Grammy Award with her fourth album, Blown Away (2012). Underwood’s first compilation, Greatest Hits: Decade #1 (2014), spawned the crossover single “Something in the Water”….

Carrie Underwood

What’s the longest a song has been #1 on Billboard?

Now, the ten-minute long power ballad has broken the record for the longest song to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It surpassed Don McLean’s “American Pie” which, with its 8 minutes and 37 seconds, topped the charts for four weeks in 1972.

Who is Carrie Underwood favorite singer?

Carrie Underwood Says She Is A “Better Performer, Musician, Writer And Person” Because Of Randy Travis. Growing up in Oklahoma, Carrie Underwood was not only a huge fan of Randy Travis but she was also greatly influenced by his music.

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