How many CME credits do I need to renew my license in North Carolina?

How many CME credits do I need to renew my license in North Carolina?

60 hours
North Carolina physicians must complete 60 hours of continuing medical education (CME) every three years. *Physicians report completed CME to the Board.

How much CME do you need each year?

State CME Licensure Requirements

State Required CME Per Year(s)
Arizona DO 20 1 yr
Arkansas 20 1 yr
California* 100 4 yrs
California DO* 150 3 yrs

How many CME do doctors need?

50 hours
Under California law, physicians and surgeons must complete at least 50 hours of approved CME during each biennial renewal cycle. Most California-licensed physicians are required to take, as a one-time requirement, 12 hours of CME on pain management and the appropriate care and treatment of the terminally ill.

What is CME requirement?

For MDs, California requires 50 hours of approved CME credits per licensure cycle. All must be Category 1 approved. For DOs, effective January 1, 2018, licensees must complete 100 CME hours per licensure cycle; 40 hours must be AOA Category 1A or 1B.

How long do I need to keep CME records?

six years
Each accredited CME provider is required to keep records of AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ claimed by physicians who participate in their activities for six years from the date of completion of the activity.

Do boards count for CME?

MOC Points as CME You can claim 60 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM for your American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) board certification. All that is required is a copy of your board certificate or your specialty board notification letter and the completion of a direct credit application.

Does residency count for CME?

In the 2019-2021 CME cycle, certified residents and fellows are not exempt from their CME requirements, however, they will earn 20 credits of CME for each year of postdoctoral training completed.

Do I need a CME in North Carolina?

Yes. As long as you have an active license to practice medicine in the state of North Carolina you are subject to the CME rule, which requires 60 hours of Category 1 CME over a three-year period.

Can I use AAFP prescribed credits to satisfy NC medical board CME requirements?

Can I use AAFP Prescribed credits to satisfy the NC Medical Board’s CME requirements? Yes, the AAFP Prescribed credit is equivalent to AMA Physician’s Recognition Award (PRA) Category 1 credit, which is acceptable category 1 for the NC Medical Board.

What are the state CME requirements for Family Medicine?

State CME Requirements. Required Topics: 1 time requirement of 12 credits in pain mgmt. and end-of-life care; If >25% of patients are over 65, 20% in geriatric medicine or care of older patients required for all general internists and family physicians. Required Topics: First renewal period for which CME is required…

What is NCMB’s CS CME requirement?

Rules establishing the CS CME requirement were in effect as of July 1, 2017. The primary goal of NCMB’s CS CME requirement is to ensure that licensees who prescribe controlled substances, particularly opioids, do so in a manner that is safe, appropriate and consistent with current standards of care. Who is subject to NCMB’s CS CME requirement?

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