How many companies are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange?

How many companies are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange?


Listed Companies 1,640 1,649
Quoted Market Value $3,398.8 B $78.3 B
Median Market Capitalization $148.1 M $11.5 M
Average Market Capitalization $2 B $48 M

What is the difference between TMX and TSX?

The TMX Group is a large Toronto-based financial services company that operates the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), TSX Venture Exchange, Montreal Exchange, and TSX Alpha Exchange. The group operates exchanges for derivatives, equity, and fixed income trades through trading, clearing, depository, and settlement services.

What happens when a stock goes from TSXV to TSX?

There are separate listing requirements based on the industry they operate in, as well as other factors. Companies listed on TSXV will be given the opportunity to “graduate” to TSX when they grow past the TSXV threshold. TSX and TSXV are both subsidiaries of TMX Group, their parent company.

What is the difference between TSX and CSE?

The CSE vs. The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is the CSE’s primary competitor as a technology-focused Canadian exchange. However, unlike the TSX, the CSE offers simplified reporting requirements and reduces the barriers to listing.

What is Canada’s stock market called?

Canada Stock Market Index (TSX)

How to contact Toronto Stock Exchange?

Phone Number: +1 888-873-8392 If need additional information on the Toronto Stock Exchange visit their website. Please contact the appropriate party listed above with any questions regarding the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Where is the Toronto Stock Exchange located?

The Toronto Stock Exchange, or TSX, is a stock exchange located in Toronto, Ontario in Canada, and is one of the world’s largest exchanges, with some 1,500 listings.

What is the abbreviation for Toronto Stock Exchange?

The Toronto Stock Exchange (abbreviated as TSX) is the largest stock exchange in Canada. It was previously known as the TSE until 2001, although it went by the same name un-abbreviated.

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