How many episodes does Max Steel have?

How many episodes does Max Steel have?

Max Steel/Number of episodes
It is unknown if they were referring to full season with 26 episodes much like the first and the second, or the 2015 film trilogy. The classic Max Steel makes few cameos throughout the series, most notably as a toy or as the famous Hero-Man. The series aired on Latin America first than other countries in the world.

In what order should I watch Max Steel?

Max Steel: Best Movies And Series

  1. Max Steel (I) (2000–2002)
  2. Max Steel (II) (2000–2015)
  3. Max Steel: Endangered Species (2004 Video)
  4. Max Steel: Bio Crisis (2008 Video)
  5. Max Steel (2016)
  6. Max Steel Team Turbo: Fusion Tek (2016)
  7. Max Steel: Team Turbo (2016)
  8. Max Steel: Maximum Morphos (2015)

Where can I watch Max Steel 2013 TV series?

Watch Max Steel Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

How many season does Max Steel have?

Max Steel (2013 TV series)

Max Steel
Original language English
No. of seasons 2 + 3 movies
No. of episodes 52 + 3 movies (list of episodes)

Who is Max Steel’s dad?

Ja’em Mk’Rah/James “Jim” McGrath is an alien warrior from the Planet Tachyon and the father of Max McGrath/Max Steel.

Will there be a season 2 of Max Steel?

Season 2 (subltitled as Ultralink Invasion) is the second season of Max Steel. It was confirmed during the first half of 2013 and its first episdoe aired in April 2014. In this season, Max and Steel must defend the Earth from Makino and his Ultralinks, and discover the truth behind their pasts.

What kind of show is Max Steel?

Max Steel is a science fiction–comedy CGI–animated television series co-produced by Mattel Playground Productions, Nerd Corps Entertainment and FremantleMedia Kids & Entertainment. It is a re-imagining of its predecessor of the same name, and is based on the Mattel action-figure also of the same name. Max Steel premiered on March 25, 2013.

What happens at the end of Max and steel?

But then Max reactivates it with his TURBO Energy, and the alien known as Steel morphs with Max, now allowing him to access his alter ego, Max Steel. Meanwhile the villain’s minion sends out a Fire Elementor to capture Max, and the episode ends with Max being thrown off a cliff by him.

How does Max Steel defeat Toxzon?

Max Steel makes a TURBO Clone Mode to defeat them, making Elementor break free from Toxzon’s toxin and pursues after him, angry at him for using him like a pet. At the end, N-Tek says that if Elementor or Toxzon tries to attack their base again they’ll be ready.

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