How many gears does a RM125 have?

How many gears does a RM125 have?

Suzuki RM 125 Engine and Transmission Technical Data
Exhaust system
Gearbox 6-speed
Transmission type, final drive ratio Chain
Clutch type

How do I find out what year my dirtbike is?

The 10th symbol will tell you the manufacture year. Vehicles sold before 2001 have a letter as the 10th digit. Those manufactured afterward use numbers. A bike made in 2003 will for example have 3 as its tenth digit.

What kind of bike is the 2003 Suzuki rm125?

2003 Suzuki RM125 for sale in Tulsa, OK. This is a great trail riding bike, with a VFORCE 3 reed cage and carbon reeds, bark busters, aluminum skid plate, & ASV breakaway levers. Just installed new fork seals, a new air filter, new front tire and rebuilt the carburetor .

What is the difference between a RM125 and rm125s engine?

Its engine (RM125S) had a piston valve versus the A model’s reed valve. Also, additional holes were drilled into the piston skirt to aid in cooling the exhaust port bridge section. The RM125S hand-built exhaust pipe comprised rolled steel pieces welded together instead of longitudinal folded seams and was slightly larger in diameter.

How much does a pre-2000 RM125 dirt bike cost?

Online resources for pre-2000 RM125 MSRPs are quite difficult to come by. Based on the dirt bike cost in Japan in 1979 (¥255,000), its retail price ranged from $2,290 in the ’70s to $5,099 in 2008. On the other hand, trade-in values range from $85 to $6,305 and can be found on Nada Guides.

What is the difference between the 1986 and 1986 Suzuki rm125g?

There is little difference in overall dimensions and weight across all RM125 models. However, the ’86 model is noteworthy for the enhancements it underwent. Suzuki particularly gave the 1986 RM125G a new and sturdier frame, with some of its parts reduced by almost half.

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