How many Hall of Famers did the 70s Steelers have?

How many Hall of Famers did the 70s Steelers have?

Noll’s most remarkable talent was in his draft selections, taking Hall of Famers “Mean” Joe Greene in 1969, Terry Bradshaw and Mel Blount in 1970, Jack Ham in 1971, Franco Harris in 1972, and finally, in 1974, pulling off the incredible feat of selecting four Hall of Famers in one draft year, Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert.

Who did the Steelers draft in 1973?

J.T. Thomas
Drafted Players

Rnd Player From
1 J.T. Thomas 1973
2 Ken Phares
3 Roger Bernhardt 1974

How many hofers do the Steelers have?

18 Hall of Famers
4. Pittsburgh Steelers: 18 Hall of Famers (tie)

Do the Steelers have a Ring of Honor?

Each of the Hall of Honor members also are recognized with a plaque and a steel football in a special display located inside the FedEx Great Hall at Heinz Field….​Former Coaches and Contributors.

Name Position (Years with the Steelers) Year Inducted
Carnell Lake Safety/Cornerback (1989-98) 2021

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers draft in 1974?

During the 1974 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers would draft WR Lynn Swann in Round 1, LB Jack Lambert in Round 2, WR John Stallworth in Round 4, and C Mike Webster in Round 5. All four would later be inducted into the Pro-Football Hall of Fame.

Who was drafted in 1973?

Round one

Pick # NFL Team Player
1 Houston Oilers John Matuszak
2 Baltimore Colts Bert Jones
3 Philadelphia Eagles Jerry Sisemore
4 New England Patriots John Hannah

Was the Immaculate Reception illegal?

Raiders safety Jack Tatum slammed into Fuqua just as the ball arrived. The ball ricocheted backward toward rookie running back Franco Harris, who scooped the ball up and raced 60 yards into the end zone. Raiders coach John Madden howled that the pass bounced off Fuqua, making the catch illegal.

What is the controversy over the Immaculate Reception?

The play has been a source of unresolved controversy and speculation ever since, as many people have contended that the ball only touched Fuqua or that it hit the ground before Harris caught it, either of which would have resulted in an incomplete pass by the rules at the time.

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