How many killer bunnies expansions are there?

How many killer bunnies expansions are there?

The Laser Red booster deck is sold separately to the standard game and adds another 55 cards and another 3 sectors of the board as well as the planet Saturn. There are four planned expansions to the game each coming as a booster set in colours red, purple, green, and orange.

Can holographic bunny be abducted?

The Holographic Bunny (Quest) and Holographic Bunny (Conquest) and cannot be abducted. The Bunnies in Black can prevent bunnies from being abducted or retrieve abducted bunnies.

How do defense cards work in Killer bunnies?

Defense cards are used to eliminate the effect of a weapon for the player. The number on the defense card(s) must match or exceed the weapon level in order to eliminate the weapon. Defense cards protect only one player’s bunnies from harm.

How many cards do you start with in killer bunnies?

Expansions. Killer Bunnies consists of a 110-card starter deck, as well as Cabbage and Water cards, and 6 twelve-sided dice. Booster sets containing 55 additional cards and other equipment have been released, adding to the complexity of the game.

How do pawns work in killer bunnies?

A pawn allows the player to use p-cards a second time if the background of the card is the same color as the pawn. When a special p-card is used once and then saved for a second use later, the pawn should be placed on top of the card to indicate it has been used once.

What are the Bunnies defense?

A rabbit’s main defense is their ability to run away and hide as quickly as possible. However, cornered rabbits are also able to use their claws, teeth, and strong hind legs to attempt to fight off predators and defend themselves.

How many carrots are in killer bunnies?

12 Carrots
During the game, players collect Bunnies, which come in 5 different types and in 5 different colors. Bunnies are placed face up on the table in front of each player. When the game begins, one of the 12 Carrots is chosen at random to be the Magic (winning) Carrot.

Who made killer bunnies?

Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot

Blue Starter Deck Box
Designers Jeff Bellinger
Publishers Playroom Entertainment
Players 2–8
Setup time 15 minutes

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