How many levels are in Scribblenauts Unlimited?

How many levels are in Scribblenauts Unlimited?

The music of Scribblenauts Unlimited was composed by David J. Franco. The game consists of 30 primary level tracks, only 28 of which appear in the game in their original composed form.

How many Starites do you need to beat Scribblenauts Unlimited?

Requires 24 Starites Upon obtaining 24 starites, this becomes automatically unlocked but only if you had given another starite to Lily. Completing this level will unlock new levels. This level has a total of 6 starites and 37 shards of starite.

Is Scribblenauts Unlimited open world?

Created and developed by 5TH Cell, Scribblenauts Unlimited features a huge side-scrolling open world with new, high-definition hand-drawn scenery and objects where players can help the game’s hero, Maxwell, solve robust puzzles and challenges by summoning any object they can imagine.

What do Volcano Halflings throw?

shard 4. To the right of the spawn point is a halfling which needs something to throw into the volcano. Give him a ring to get the “Just Throw It In” shard.

What is Maxwell from Scribblenauts?

Maxwell is the main character/protagonist in Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Remix, Scribblenauts Unlimited,Scribblenauts Unmasked)). His goal is to find Starites and Starite Shards anywhere he can search, often to save someone or something.

What is Starites in Scribblenauts?

Starites are small, sparkly, star-like objects with 5 points. It is the end goal of Maxwell collecting all of these rare objects.

How do you reset a dummy’s heart?

The third shard can be found at street level to the right of the firehouse. Here you will find a paramedic who needs to restart a dummy’s heart. Create a “defibrillator” and give it to the paramedic to earn the third shard available at the Capital City Firehouse.

How do you get the Phoenix in Scribblenauts?

Begin by giving him three parts of a pizza, such as dough, cheese, and pepperoni. Follow it up by adding an eccentric extra ingriedient, such as pineapple. Next, the witch needs a phoenix. Give the chef a bird, a fire, and a potion.

What is Scribblenauts Unlimited?

Welcome to IGN’s Scribblenauts Unlimited Wiki Guide! Scribblenauts Unlimited follows the same puzzle mechanics as the original Super Scribblenauts DS game and its sequel–create unique objects to fit each premise. This time around, players can construct and name their own creations and bring them into the world to solve various problems.

What is lost kingdom of parentheses in Scribblenauts?

Lost Kingdom of Parentheses is the twenty-first level in Scribblenauts Unlimited. It is a large underwater city, much like Atlantis. Right at the spawn point is a wannabe Indiana Jones.

What does the walkthrough section of the game include?

The Walkthrough section features a walkthrough of every level. Note: This walkthrough features screens and videos of the Wii U and PC versions, but it also pertains to the 3DS Version . Below is a walkthrough of each level. Each section includes a written guide with pictures as well as a video guide.

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