How many number 1s do Oasis have?

How many number 1s do Oasis have?

OASIS (8 No 1s)
28 May 2005 Oasis Back at the top for the first time in three years. From their album “Don’t Believe The Truth”.
3 Sep 2005 Oasis A quick return to the top for the veteran Brit Pop band, with Noel taking lead vocals for a change. In November 2009, the band announced they were splitting up.

Has Oasis ever had a Number 1?

The album produced six singles, including the band’s first UK number-one single “Some Might Say” and the international hits “Wonderwall” and “Don’t Look Back in Anger”….

Oasis discography
Video albums 6
Music videos 37
EPs 1
Singles 28

What is Oasis biggest selling single?

The Top 10 best selling Oasis singles

  • Wonderwall – 2.4 million copies.
  • Don’t Look Back In Anger – 1.8 million copies.
  • D’You Know What I Mean – 745,000 copies.
  • Whatever – 600,000 copies.
  • Roll With It – 600,000 copies.
  • Live Forever – 600,000 copies.
  • Some Might Say – 600,000 copies.
  • Stop Crying Your Heart Out – 600,000 copies.

What was Oasis first number 1 single?

Some Might Say
“Some Might Say” provided Oasis with their first number one on the UK Singles Chart and reached the top 10 in Finland, Iceland, Ireland and Sweden.

What kept Oasis Wonderwall off Number 1?

I Believe/Up
Wonderwall, which both brothers Gallagher have expressed what you might call mild contempt for, was actually beaten to Number 1 by Robson & Jerome’s I Believe/Up On The Roof, which is also a million-seller.

How many number 1s did take that have?

The group have had 28 top 40 singles and 17 top 5 singles on the UK Singles Chart, 12 of which have reached number one, including “Back for Good”, “Never Forget”, “Patience” and “Greatest Day”. They have also had eight number one albums on the UK Albums Chart.

What was Oasis first top 10 single?

Supersonic (1994) [Single] “Supersonic” is a song and debut single by the English rock band Oasis, written by lead guitarist Noel Gallagher. The song appears on their debut album Definitely Maybe, released in August 1994.

Who has never had a UK number 1?

Despite dozens of awards and her second album winning the top spot in the UK charts in 2006, Amy Winehouse never had a number one single.

Who did Mr Blobby keep off number 1?

1 on the UK Singles Chart on 11 December 1993, replacing Meat Loaf’s “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)”, which had been in the No. 1 spot for seven weeks. A week later, “Babe” by Take That demoted Mr Blobby from the top spot for one week.

Did take that have 8 Number 1?

How many number 1s did Oasis have on their debut album?

Oasis weren’t exactly shy of a smash hit single either, with eight Official Singles Chart Number 1s to their name. So, we look back at that massive debut album, we count down the songs that made it happen. You can’t have an album without the tunes, after all… A single that was part of the biggest chart battle of all time and, infamously, lost…

When did Michael Jackson number ones come out?

Number Ones (Michael Jackson album) It was released on November 17, 2003 by Epic Records. Number Ones was Jackson’s first proper compilation album with Epic Records, after the release of the first disc of HIStory in 1995 (and after the re-release of that disc as a single album titled Greatest Hits: HIStory, Volume I in 2001).

How many copies of supersonic have been sold by Oasis?

Despite reaching only Number 31 on the Official Singles Chart, the band’s debut single Supersonic makes it into the Official Oasis Top 20 – coming in at Number 14 with over 240,000 copies sold. Such is the power of Oasis that even a non-single makes an appearance.

What is the ISBN number for Oasis in their own words?

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