How many questions are on the ABP?

How many questions are on the ABP?

The General Pediatrics Certifying Exam will consist of approximately 330-350 multiple-choice questions.

How do you study for pediatric boards?


  1. Taking a Board review course.
  2. Using study guides.
  3. Performing self-assessments.
  4. Partnering with a study buddy.
  5. Reviewing pictures and not just questions.
  6. Participating in a 5-day review and panel discussion.
  7. Listening to lectures.
  8. Running through flash cards.

How long does ABP certification last?

Successfully pass a secure test of knowledge every 10 years in each area of certification. Because examinations are only required every 10 years, they do not necessarily coincide with the beginning or end of a 5- year MOC cycle.

What is ABP MOC?

The continuous and ongoing process of lifelong learning, self-assessment and clinical improvement that board-certified pediatricians and pediatric subspecialists perform to maintain certification with the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) is called Maintenance of Certification (MOC).

What percentage do you need to pass pediatric board exam?

The percent correct needed to get a scaled score of 180 or above will vary from person to person based on the difficulty level of the questions they receive. Generally, percent correct scores around 75% or higher are needed to receive a passing score.

What score is passing for MOCA peds?

A score of 180 is considered a MOCA-Peds passing score, and your performance will be scored on a scale ranging from 1-300. The difficulty level of each question is taken into consideration when scaled scores are calculated.

When should I start studying for boards?

The ideal timing to start the precise and planned preparation for the CBSE board exams is from October onward. However, if you could not start in October, then you can start from now as you still have few months in hand before the main examinations.

When should I start studying for pediatric boards?

So, how do you study for the Pediatric board exam? The best way to be prepared is to start studying at least 6-months out from your exam.

What does MOC mean in research?

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) recently published two new research papers (plus a related op-ed piece) investigating statistical relationships between ABIM’s Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements and health care quality.

Do board certifications expire?

Board certifications, when first offered, did not have an expiration date; however, recognizing the changing pace of medical knowledge recertification is now required to maintain the recognition. This information is validated by the health plan at the time of the credentialing.

What if you fail MOCA-Peds?

Your Final Score Participants who do not pass MOCA-Peds after four years will need to take and pass a proctored exam by the end of the fifth year of their MOC cycle to maintain certification.

What happens if you dont pass MOCA-Peds?

There are no penalties to pediatricians’ certifications if they don’t pass or if they stop doing MOCA-Peds as long as they successfully pass the proctored exam by the end of their MOC cycle.

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