How many Sonic comics are there?

How many Sonic comics are there?

That series, Sonic the Hedgehog, has been going continuously since then. It has over 260 issues in print and has been recognized as the longest running comic based on a video game character by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Is Sonic a king?

After ending the reign of King Shadow, Laraa-Su now serves Sonic as her king by guarding the royal twins and every event that concerns him. Sonic has plenty of faith in Lara-Su’s skills as he does not question her knowledges and abilities.

Is Archie Sonic 6d?

There are to many people to name who could defeat archie sonic easily he is only 6d while we have people who are 7d and higher so sonic fanboys and fangirls stop trying to highball sonic to 11d when he is not even close to that.

What are the stories in Sonic the comic?

The following is a complete list of stories in Sonic the Comic and all associated specials. For all stories featured in the online continuation, see List of stories in Sonic the Comic Online . Decap Attack – Starring Chuck D. Head! Hidden Danger! Sonic the Human! Sonic’s World – Prologue: Once Upon a Planet…

How many Sonic the Hedgehog comics are there?

The Sonic the Hedgehog comic continuity was comprised of the following comics: Sonic the Hedgehog Miniseries #0-3 (Published monthly from February to May 1993) Sonic the Hedgehog #1-262 (canceled) (Published monthly from July 1993 to December 2000, published 13 times a year (every four weeks) thereafter)

What are the best Sonic comics to read?

Sonic Adventure ( Super Special #13, and issues 78 – 85, originally planned to be 78 – 83, and Knuckles issues 33-34 before it was canceled after issue 32) Sonic Shuffle ( #92) Sonic Adventure 2 ( #98 and Sonic Universe #2) Sonic Rush ( #160, #161, & Sonic Universe #1) Sonic Riders ( #163 & #164) Shadow the Hedgehog ( #171) (Shadow’s origins)

What is Sonic’s original name?

According to former writer Ken Penders, Sonic’s true [first] name in the comic’s continuity is Olgilvie Maurice Hedgehog. However, this was never mentioned in any story and is not considered canon.

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