How many superspeedways are there?

How many superspeedways are there?

There are six active superspeedways in the United States, the most famous being Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Daytona International Speedway, both 2.5 miles (4.0 km) long.

What does NC mean in racing?

For colour-blind people

Colour Result
Green Points finish
Light blue Non-points finish
Non-classified finish (NC)

What does dirty air mean in NASCAR?

Dirty air: Aerodynamic term for the turbulent air currents caused by fast-moving cars that can cause a particular car to lose control or find difficulty in passing. The more downforce, the more grip a car has. But more downforce also means more drag, which can rob a race car of speed.

What is dirty air in racing?

As air passes over a Formula 1 car’s surfaces it produces a wake of turbulent air that hampers the aerodynamic flow of cars directly behind it. This wake – nicknamed ‘dirty air’ – can be of benefit to a following car on the straight, as the car in front is effectively punching a hole in the air and doing more work.

What does DRS f1 mean?

Drag Reduction System
None the less grand Prix drivers have a new tool at their disposal, the so called Drag Reduction System, DRS. It is essentially an adjustable rear wing which can be used to facilitate overtaking. Under the rules for 2011, the driver of a following car can adjust the flap of his rear wing under certain circumstances.

What does Ret mean in f1?

It means your driver is out of the race (retired, as Ricardo stated), regardless of the reason.

What are Nascar cars called?

stock car
It originally used production-model cars, hence the name “stock car”, but is now run using cars specifically built for racing. It originates from the United States and Canada; the world’s largest governing body is the American NASCAR.

What are the requirements to take an off-roading course?

Prerequisite: Completion of Discovery Course or proven basic off-roading experience. Length of Course: Two days. Target Audience: Those individuals that have either completed the Discovery course or can demonstrate basic off-roading knowledge and skills. Vehicle Requirements: Any reliable 4WD SUV, SUT or trucks with

What does it mean when a road is closed?

Road Closed: Road closed signs mean the road is closed to through traffic and you cannot drive there. These signs may be placed on roadways that are permanently closed or temporarily closed. Some roads are closed temporarily due to construction, flooding, major accidents, fires, snow & ice, and a slew of other possible reasons.

What makes a great road-racing course in the US?

Our country is known for its oval tracks, but the less obvious truth is that the U.S. is also home to some of the finest road-racing courses in the world. The great circuits featured here generally date back to a time when racetracks were supposed to have elevation changes, blind corners, and distinct personalities.

What does do not pass mean on the road?

Do Not Pass: Do not pass signs mean that on that particular road you cannot pass the driver ahead of you. These signs are generally posted on two lane roadways where the oncoming lane can also be used as a passing lane.

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