How many tons of triticale is an acre?

How many tons of triticale is an acre?

The average yield of wheat silage in the Southern Great Plains is about 10 ton per acre. Triticale averages about 15 tons/a., while corn is at 25 tons/a..

What crop makes the best silage?

Oats are probably the most popular small grain used for silage. Oats and wheat produce comparable yields, and both make very palatable silage if correctly handled. Rye grows at lower temperatures than oats or wheat and may produce more forage than oats or wheat.

When should you cut triticale for hay?

Triticale will be ready for spring grazing 2 to 3 weeks later than rye in spring but will continue to provide good forage several weeks later into late spring than rye. If grazed lightly or not at all in spring, both rye and triticale can produce very high, single cutting hay yields.

How many bushels of triticale are there per acre?

Triticale (pronounced: trit-ah-kay-lee) is a hybrid cereal grain produced when durum wheat is pollinated with rye pollen. Approximately 11,500 to 13,000 seeds per pound • No official bushel weight exists for triticale. 52 – 56 pounds per bushel is average. Triticale can yield 30 – 80 bushels/acre.

How long does triticale take to grow?

60 to 80 days
Triticale can produce good dry matter yields within 60 to 80 days after planting. When planted the first two weeks of August and with adequate rainfall, spring triticale can produce from 2,500 to 5,000 pounds per acre of dry matter by mid-October.

What is triticale silage?

Triticale: an efficient silage source for dairymen. Triticale, a cross between wheat and rye, may offer dairymen a feed option that produces more tonnage per acre than wheat—when cut for silage. It’s an advantage they need with low milk prices. Triticale has long been a popular winter grazing source for beef cattle.

Which crop is not suitable for silage making?

Crops like maize, jowar, bajra, hybrid napier, oat are most suitable for silage making. Leguminous crops like berseem, Lucerne, Cowpea is not suitable, unless molasses are sprayed on these crops while filling silo pit.

Can cows graze triticale?

Triticale, Oats, and Barley When grazed or harvested appropriately, this winter annual can be a very high quality forage for beef cattle. Several other small grains such as wheat, triticale, oats, and barley can also be used for cover crops and livestock forages.

Is triticale good for cattle?

When triticale is harvested at the dough stage of maturity (9.0 – 15.0% protein), it is a good forage source for dry cows and replacement heifers. Compared with alfalfa hay, triticale hay shows lower protein and CNF content and greater fiber and lignin concentration.

What is triticale forage?

Triticale has become very popular with dairy producers managing cropping systems throughout much of the U.S. In most cropping systems, triticale functions as a winter-annual forage that includes fall establishment after the removal of corn silage or soybeans followed by a harvest of silage the following spring or early summer.

Is triticale a good cover crop for cattle?

Ben Parker and Adam Bolender have been working with triticale on their Brown County farms as a cover crop and feed source for cattle. A number of producers tout how the benefits of cover crops can be found in the soil directly underfoot, and, some months down the road, in their wallets.

Can triticale compete with oats and barley as a feed crop?

As triticale varieties are improved, they may compete with oats and feed barley as a home-grown feed crop, particularly if ergot, a fungus disease, can be eliminated or reduced to less than 0.1 percent in the grain. Higher levels of ergot have ruined the crop for feeding in some years.

What is whole crop cereal silage (WCCS)?

Whole crop cereal silage (WCCS) – cereals harvested when grain has reached full size but still soft (38%DM). Autumn sown DoubleTake or spring sown triticales and barley. Green-chop cereal silage – cereal silage harvested at the boot stage and wilted, similar properties to pasture silage.

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