How many votes did Ross Perot get when he ran for president?

How many votes did Ross Perot get when he ran for president?

In the election, Perot received 18.9% of the popular vote, but did not win any electoral votes. However, he won over 19.7 million votes—by far and away the most votes ever for a third-party candidate.

Who was the most successful third-party candidate?

In fact, Roosevelt ran one of the most successful third-party candidacies in history but was defeated by the Democrat (Woodrow Wilson) and the Progressive party quickly disappeared while the Republicans re-gained their major party status.

Did Bill Clinton win Arkansas in 1996?

State voters chose six electors to the Electoral College, who voted for president and vice president. Arkansas was won by President Bill Clinton (D-AR) by a 17% margin of victory. Perot in 1996 won 7.90 percent of the popular vote in the Natural State, a significant total for a third party candidate.

What political party was Ross Perot?

Reform Party of the United States of America
Ross Perot/Parties

Has there ever been 3rd party President?

Millard Fillmore, a member of the Whig party, was the 13th President of the United States (1850-1853) and the last President not to be affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican parties.

Who won Arkansas in 2000?

In the end, Arkansas was won by Governor George W. Bush by a 5.4% margin of victory. He won a majority of the popular vote and the state’s six electoral votes. Bush was the first Republican to carry the state since his father in 1988.

What percentage did Ross Perot get in the 1992 election?

United States presidential election of 1992. Independent candidate Ross Perot secured nearly 19 percent of the vote—the highest percentage of any third-party candidate in a U.S. presidential election in 80 years.

Did Ross Perot win a single state as an independent?

Although he failed to carry a single state in either election, both campaigns were among the strongest presidential showings by a third party or independent candidate in U.S. history. Born and raised in Texarkana, Texas, Perot became a salesman for IBM after serving in the United States Navy.

How many presidential debates did Ross Perot participate in?

Perot participated in the first of three presidential debates for the 1992 election, on October 11 in Clayton, Missouri, along with George Bush and Bill Clinton.

What were the demographics of Ross Perot’s voters?

A detailed analysis of voting demographics revealed that Perot’s support drew heavily from across the political spectrum, with 20% of his votes coming from self-described liberals, 27% from self-described conservatives, and 53% coming from self-described moderates.

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