How much did Dave Grohl pay for the Sound City Neve?

How much did Dave Grohl pay for the Sound City Neve?

Well, I mean, you’d be surprised. I would have paid $1 million for this board. I really would have because there’s some things in life that you really consider to be priceless.

Is Sound City still in business?

Sound City Studios is a recording studio in Los Angeles, California, known as one of the most successful in popular music. The studio leased time for public use until 2011; in 2011 the owners closed the studio and much of the equipment was sold off.

Where did Dave Grohl grow up in Virginia?

Springfield, VA Grohl is still with Foo Fighters, but lends out his musical talents to a number of bands and artists. When he was growing up, Dave Grohl lived in this Springfield, Virginia house, located at 5516 Kathleen Place, with his single mother.

Who bought the Neve console after Sound City folded?

The Sound City documentary has a semi-happy ending. When the one-of-a-kind Neve 8028 board was being sold off, Dave Grohl purchased it and had it transported to his 606 studio in Northridge, CA.

When did Sound City close?

When Sound City closed its commercial services in 2011, Grohl purchased the Neve for his private recording studio, though his love for the institution went beyond its technology.

Who produced the console that made Sound City famous?

Rupert Neve
Neve 8028 Console Their custom Neve 8028, designed by Rupert Neve, produced a strong and punchy sound that defined 70’s rock music.

Is Rupert Neve dead?

Deceased (1926–2021)Rupert Neve / Living or Deceased

What did Dave Grohl do in Sound City?

Dave Grohl takes another step toward Renaissance-man status with “Sound City,” his likable debut as a documentary director. Mr. Grohl has already had considerable success as a drummer, guitarist and vocalist in groups like Nirvana and Foo Fighters and has shown a boundless curiosity with various side projects.

What is Dave Grohl’s ethnicity?

Grohl is of German, Irish, and Slovak descent. When he was a child, Grohl’s family moved to Springfield, Virginia. When Grohl was seven, his parents divorced, and he subsequently grew up with his mother. At the age of 12, he began learning to play guitar.

Where did Dave Grohl get his own alley and key?

^ “Dave Grohl returns to birth city Warren, OH, gets own alley and key to the city”. August 2, 2009. Archived from the original on January 8, 2010.

Why is there a street named after David Grohl?

A roadway in downtown Warren named “David Grohl Alley” has been dedicated to him with murals by local artists. Grohl’s hometown of Warren unveiled gigantic 902 lb (409 kg) drumsticks in 2012 to honor him. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the massive pair broke the Guinness World Record.

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