How much do helix piercings cost?

How much do helix piercings cost?

The price of a helix piercing greatly varies depending on where the piercing studio is located, how experienced your piercer is, and the jewelry you get. The typical price for it, though, is between $30 and $75. Be sure to find a piercer based on ability and not price; don’t go for one just because it’s inexpensive.

Is a helix piercing painful?

“Pain tolerance varies, but generally your helix will hurt more than your lobes as it is less fleshy,” says Freed. Cartilage tissue is denser, which can require more force to pierce through, resulting in a bit more pain. But the pain is temporary, and your beautiful new piercing is forever.

What side do you get a helix piercing?

Helix Piercing Otherwise known as a cartilage piercing, a standard helix placement sits on the upper side of your outer ear. A helix placement generally refers to any piercing in this outer upper region.

How long does a helix piercing take?

Cartilage ear piercings may take up to a year to fully heal, but generally take 3-6 months (as opposed to the ear lobe, that takes just 4-6 weeks). They heal from the outside in, so even if it looks fine on the outside, you should not assume it is fully healed.

Can you sleep on a helix piercing?

Don’t sleep on it! For example, if you typically sleep on your left side, you should consider getting a helix piercing in your right ear. Aside from sleeping on your piercing, you should avoid any situation that may irritate, put pressure on, or complicate your healing process.

Can you get 2 helix piercings at the same time?

Can You Get Both Helix Piercings Together? First thing’s first: Yes, you can get a double-helix piercing done at the same time. In fact, it’s recommended considering the healing time of cartilage piercings (more on that later!)

What does a helix piercing say about you?

Helix: If you have a helix piercing, you’re not exactly edgy, but you got this because you’re trying to be. Basically, you wanted something that says “I’m cool and daring,” but at the same time you can’t commit to anything too crazy… and god forbid you to pierce anything on your actual face.

What do I need to know before getting a helix piercing?

8 Things to Know Before Getting a Cartilage Piercing

  • The Cost.
  • It Can Hurt More Than a Traditional Ear Piercing.
  • Clean it, But Not Too Much.
  • Avoid Public Bodies of Water, Sleeping on it, and Touching it as Much as Possible.
  • Watch Out For Infection.

What does a helix piercing feel like?

How much does the helix piercing hurt? Cartilage piercings generally fall low on the pain scale. It will depend on the specific location of the helix piercing, however, you shouldn’t feel more than a slight pinch. For a few days after piercing, you’ll feel some throbbing and see swelling and slight bleeding.

How do I protect my helix piercing while sleeping?

Tips. If you have a new ear piercing, a thinner travel pillow works great to keep pressure off while you’re sleeping. If you don’t have a travel pillow you can roll a clean cotton T-shirt or sheet up and place it around the ear so that when you lay on your side, there’s no direct pressure on your ear.

Quels sont les styles de piercing en hélice?

Les barrettes courbes et circulaires sont également une option fantastique pour le piercing en hélice. Ces styles semblent être courants chez les personnes qui ont plusieurs styles de bijoux en perles dans les oreilles. Les manchettes d’oreille sont propres aux piercings de cartilage.

Quels sont les piercings possibles au niveau des oreilles?

Les autres piercings possibles au niveau des oreilles. Outre, les lobes, il est possible de se faire percer sur différentes zones des oreilles. Le piercing hélix, par exemple, est situé sur le bord du cartilage de la partie supérieure de l’oreille.

Quel est le temps de guérison des piercings à l’oreille de cartilage?

Le temps de guérison des piercings à l’oreille de cartilage varie plus que celui des autres piercings.

Quels sont les prix pour un piercing des deux lobes?

Pour un piercing des deux lobes des oreilles par pistolet, comptez entre 10 et 20 euros, boucles d’oreilles incluses. Pour le perçage à l’aiguille, réalisé chez un perceur, les prix pour les deux lobes tournent autour des 30/40 euros. Pour le perçage d’un seul lobe, les prix sont de l’ordre de 20 euros.

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