How much does a Aircast boot cost?

How much does a Aircast boot cost?

Aircast AirSelect Standard Walking Boot

Item # Desc Price
01EF-S Small -Each $139.99 $92.99
01EF-M Medium -Each $139.99 $92.99
01EF-L Large -Each $139.99 $92.99

How long should you wear an Aircast boot?

You should continue to wear it at least 6 weeks whenever running, playing sports or any activity where there is increased risk of re-injury. Talk to your doctor for specific advice about the treatment of your condition.

Can you drive with an Aircast boot?

There is no law prohibiting patients in a walking cast from getting behind the wheel of their own car, however, one must strongly and truthfully consider their level of comfort before getting behind the wheel.

What is the difference between an air cast and a walking boot?

Unlike traditional walking casts, Air Cast Boots surround the covered region of the leg in a supportive air cushion that can be easily adjusted to provide customizable comfort and support. This design has been shown to promote a faster healing time while also allowing for increased mobility.

How heavy is an Aircast boot?

L weighs 2 pounds 15 ounces.

What size aircast do I need?


Size Men Shoe Size Women Shoe Size
Small 4-7 5-8
Medium 7-10 8-11
Large 10-13 11-15
XLarge 13+ 15+

Can you walk with an Aircast?

Aircast walking boots are comfortable – These walking braces are low profile, so you can walk with a normal gait. The same aircells that aid in healing also help cushion and support the foot and ankle area for the best, most natural fit.

Do you need to wear a sock with a walking boot?

Adding a sock to the equation is a good idea for a few reasons: It will help reduce any friction between the brace and your skin, which can help prevent any chafing or blisters. Socks for walker boots can act as a buffer between your foot (and its sweat and dead skin cells) and the brace.

Can an Aircast be worn on either foot?

The Aircast AirSelect has a durable, semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing full-shell protection. Universal fit allows the Aircast AirSelect to be worn on either the left or right foot.

Is a walking boot worth it?

Doctors recommend you wear them as a way of speeding the healing process. A walking boot protects the foot and ankle and is common when someone has broken their leg or foot, is struggling from shin splints or a severe sprain, or has suffered some other type of foot or leg injury.

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