How much does a Ashok Leyland bus cost?

How much does a Ashok Leyland bus cost?

Ashok Leyland Bus Price List 2021

Ashok Leyland Bus Model Ashok Leyland Bus Price
Ashok Leyland Cheetah 27.19-29.26 Lakh*
Ashok Leyland Viking 27.83-33.80 Lakh*
Ashok Leyland Sunshine : 32 / 39 Seater 26.6 Lakh* Onwards
Ashok Leyland Sunshine : 39 / 49 Seater 27.2 Lakh* Onwards

How many gears does Ashok Leyland bus have?

The 12M is a bus chassis range manufactured by Indian vehicle manufacturer Ashok Leyland….

Ashok Leyland 12M
Transmission 5 Speed Synchromesh, 6 Speed Synchromesh Overdrive Gearbox
Wheelbase 6,200 mm (20 ft 41⁄8 in)

How much is a CC bus engine?

Engine and Performance

Engine H Series CRS, iEGR Technology
Engine Cylinders 6
Engine Displacement 5660 cc
Fuel Injection System Common Rail
Fuel Tank Capacity 239 Litres

What is bus body building?

Introduction. Automobile body (Bus Body) building is an important activity. The chasis are supplied by Automobile manufacturers, and body is built by automobile body builders as per the requirements of the customer and specifications of the different State Transport Undertakings.

Who makes Scania buses?

Volkswagen Group
Volkswagen Group era Scania AB is 100% owned by the German automotive company Volkswagen Group, forming part of its heavy commercial vehicle subsidiary, Traton, along with MAN Truck & Bus and Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus.

What is the wheelbase of Ashok Leyland Viking bus chassis?

With a gross weight of 16200 kg and wheelbase of 5334 mm, 5639 mm, Ashok Leyland Viking bus chassis is ideal for applications like stage carriage, intercity. Ashok Leyland Viking bus chassis is customizable for body fabrication from your favourite body builders.

What is the price of Ashok Leyland Bus in India?

All these Ashok Leyland buses are available in different wheelbase options, with different seating capacities and suitable for different applications. Ashok Leyland bus price in India starts from Rs 18.49 Lakhs for the BS6 range.

What kind of engine does the Ashok Leyland Falcon have?

The Armored Ashok Leyland Falcon is available with both diesel and gasoline engines and a 5-speed manual gearbox and can be armored to the CEN B6/NIJ Level III specifications while maintaining a discrete profile.

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