How much does a baby Holstein cost?

How much does a baby Holstein cost?

Holstein bull calves, which fetched between $500-$600 per head in 2014, are now selling for less than $100 – in some cases dramatically lower. Typically, contracted Holstein steers have run at a $7 to $10 per cwt discount to beef breed steers.

How much does a Holstein cost?

$900.00 – $3,000.

How much do cattle embryos cost?

The cost of embryo transfer is about $125 per cow.

How much does it cost to artificially inseminate a heifer?

At 60% to 65% conception, the AI program costs $55 to $60 per calf born – about 20% less than the bull. Of course, that’s not the whole story. AI takes more time and management. And you’ll still need that cleanup bull (presumably of lesser value) for cows that don’t conceive by AI.

Why are Holstein steers so cheap?

While the bull, or steer calf was formerly thought of as a by-product of milk production, these animals now have significantly more value as beef. “In the past, that by-product has been extremely affordable because it wasn’t needed,” said Felix. “The dairy farmer needed the lactation but didn’t need the calf.

How much do Holstein steers sell for?

At the Aug. 24 auction at New Holland Sales Stables, slaughter Holstein steers weighing 1,330 to 1,670 pounds brought $127 to $132 per hundredweight. To put that in perspective, at the same sale in 2013, Holstein steers brought an average of $108 per hundredweight, and in 2014, they averaged $148.

How much does it cost to flush embryos?

Average cost of flushing a cow, including the freezing of embryos, is $1,100. Before donor cows are inseminated and flushed, each receives a customized hormone injection to help stimulate follicle production and maximize the number of embryos that can be harvested.

How many embryos can a cow produce?

Normally, a cow would only carry a single embryo at a time. However, cows that undergo ET hormone therapy typically produce about six or seven usable embryos — though some can produce as many as 80 or 90 embryos at once. Cows, like humans, take about nine months to carry a calf to term.

How much does a vet charge to inseminate a cow?

(2015) estimated that the cost of clean-up bulls at $42/cow (based on the assumption of a 50% conception with AI) accounted for about 30% of the total cost of fixed-time artificial insemination at $130/cow.

What is a Holstein calf worth?

“You can’t make this work if you don’t keep the calves alive,” Hogue said. Another advantage of direct-sourcing calves is that prices can be more negotiable. For instance, on Monday at New Holland Sales Stable, newborn Holstein bull calves weighing 65 to 135 pounds fetched $300 to $610 per hundredweight.

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