How much does a Snowbear cost?

How much does a Snowbear cost?

A $50,000 ice fishing house The SnoBear is a fully equipped fish house that can be driven along the ice on tracks and skis.

How thick does ice need to be for Snobear?

But 6-8″ of ice will hold them. At 1.2lb per sq inch actually you will fall thru walking before your snobear will sink.

How many people fit in a Snobear?

Seating. Our SnoCoach seats up to 15 passengers in a “stadium-style” OR “bench style” seating arrangement.

Does a Snobear float?

They do float in deep water… like a space capsule with the back end bobbing up…

How much ice does a Snobear need?

What are the best ice fishing accessories for snowmobilers?

Ice Fishing Accessories for Snowmobilers. 1 Ice Fishing Clothing. The first and foremost thing you need to consider is your own body warmth. You will be literally spending your day on a frozen 2 Ice Auger. 3 Ice Skimmer. 4 Ice Fishing Rods. 5 Ice Fishing Reel.

What are the best strategies for ice fishing?

Pioneering ice fishermen like Dave Genz––a Minnesota angler who has developed many strategies now commonly in use, such as being mobile on the ice instead of fishing one spot all day––have refined several new approaches. The following four tactics are the latest and best in use on the ice today. 1. Flash Some Football Fields with Your Depth Finder

What is a snobear ice fishing machine?

ICE FISHING DREAM MACHINE Make ice fishing a regular part of your winter without the worry of inclement weather. Our machines are unequaled when it comes to ice fishing and winter recreation. Their mobility and versatility allows SnoBear to travel in conditions where most can’t. THE LINEUP MORE INFO THE SNOBEAR SL/TL/XP

What makes a wilcraft a good ice fishing vehicle?

In other words, it makes ice fishing fun, not frightening. The Wilcraft gets its name from its amphibious characteristics – Water, Ice, Land. Inventor Tom Roering has developed the vehicle for the icy outdoors. Or for the hunters, there’s a ‘camo’ version that is more suitable.

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