How much does a ton of 3/4 inch stone cost?

How much does a ton of 3/4 inch stone cost?

SB2 gravel 3 to 4 inches, also called #3 Stone, costs $62 per cubic yard, $2.30 per cubic foot, or $31.43 per ton if you order 17.5 tons or more.

Is 3/4 gravel good for a driveway?

Base Gravel #3 Usually, three different sizes of gravel are used in driveways. The gravel is placed in layers to provide a solid foundation and also to make sure that there is proper drainage. For the bottom layer, #3 gravel is a common choice.

What is 3/4 crushed stone called?

As 3/4″ clean crushed stone is the most popular size stone, you may hear it referred to as some of these names: NJ DOT #57 Stone. Clean Stone. Crushed Bluestone.

What is the size of 3/4 gravel?

Which size gravel stone to choose

Size Stone
US MM #67
3/4″ 19.1 X
1/2″ 12.7 X
3/8″ 9.5 X

How much does a yard of 3/4 gravel cost?

Product & Price List

Aggregate Yard Pick-up Price* (per cubic yard)
3/4″ Crushed Gravel $22.00
1 1/2″ Crushed Gravel $22.00
3″ Crushed Gravel $18.00
1/2″ Reclaimed Asphalt $25.00

How much does a yard of 3/4 crushed rock weigh?

One cubic yard of gravel can weigh between 2,400 to 2,900 lbs. Or up to one and a half tons approximately. Generally, a cubic yard of gravel provides enough material to cover a 100-square-foot area with 3 inches of gravel.

How much does one yard of 3/4 minus gravel weight?

How many yards is 3 tons?

Ton Register to Cubic Yard Conversion Table

Ton Register [ton Reg] Cubic Yard [yd^3]
1 ton reg 3.7037037037 yd^3
2 ton reg 7.4074074074 yd^3
3 ton reg 11.1111111111 yd^3
5 ton reg 18.5185185185 yd^3

How much does gravel cost per yard?

Road base costs $18 to $30 per ton, and plain pea gravel or limestone costs $28 to $45 per ton. Buying gravel in small quantities costs over $100 per ton. It takes 1.4 tons of stone per cubic yard. Bulk gravel costs $15 to $75 per yard on average. Crushed concrete, sand and gravel mix, and crushed shells are the cheapest stones at $15 per yard.

How much does crush and run gravel cost?

Crush and run gravel costs $24 to $34 per ton, about $50 per cubic yard, or $0.50 to $2.00 per square foot, which is one of the cheapest materials. This mixture combines limestone, trap rock, granite, crushed rock, sand, and stone dust. It’s also known as crusher run, quarry process, #411 gravel, road stone, or dense grade aggregate.

Can I use 3/4 inch gravel for a gravel driveway?

Yes, QUIKRETE® 3/4 inch Gravel may be used as gravel for a gravel driveway if it is crushed stone. In some regions, QUIKRETE® 3/4 inch Gravel is crushed stone, while in other regions, it is pea gravel. Crushed stone is preferred over pea gravel due to the angularity of the crushed gravel,…

How much does a 10×20 gravel walkway cost?

A 4×20 gravel walkway costs $250 installed, a 10×20 gravel patio or landscaping costs $450, and a gravel driveway costs $600 to $1,800 to install. Gravel can also be used as a base for roads, ground cover, or landscaping material. Estimate 3.7 cubic yards of crushed stone per 100 square feet of coverage 12-inches deep (cubic foot).

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