How much does an AM transmitter cost?

How much does an AM transmitter cost?

A transmitter, antenna, and associated equipment usually cost at least $3500 for a FCC-accepted LPFM transmitter and a really cheap antenna installed yourself.

How long is an AM wave?

A 1,000 kHz radio wave has a wavelength of (2.998 × 108 m/s)/(1.000 × 106/s) = 299.8 m. An AM radio wave consists of a sinusoidal carrier wave, which is modulated by an audio signal.

How can I use my phone as a FM transmitter?

Some Android phones come with built-in FM transmitter functionality, in which case you can use this natively or with a free app such as Quick FM Transmitter and then broadcast the MP3 and other audio files on your phone to your car radio.

Can you make your own AM radio?

Radio stations broadcast on medium-wave bands and send signals into the air all around us. Only a few simple parts are needed to pick up AM radio waves: some electronic components, wire, a paper tube, and a speaker. Assembly is simple, and doesn’t require any soldering.

How much does an AM radio transmitter cost?

VINTAGE AM RADIO BCB TRANSMITTER–TUBE TRANSMITTER $60.00 $18.00 shipping AM Broadcast Transmitter RCA BTA 1MX $1,800.00 Local Pickup

How does an AM transmitter work?

A wire connected to the oscillator output (pin 8) serves as the antenna for broadcasting the amplitude-modulated radio wave. The AM transmitter circuit diagram has a crystal oscillator that connects to an antenna on the 8-pin side, the negative terminal of a battery pack on the 7-pin side and a 1k ohm resistor on the 14-pin side.

What is the best transmitter for a tube set?

Fidelity is surprisingly good considering the simplicity and is suitable for transmitting “Golden Age of Radio” type shows to a restored tube set. Instead of a crystal, this transmitter uses an oscillator coil intended for AM radios.

How much does an AM transmuter cost?

MULTI-ELMAC AF-68 TRANS-CITER 80-6 METERS CW & PLATE MODULATED AM TRANSMITTER $450.00 $64.70 shipping 15 watching Results Pagination – Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Additional site navigation

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