How much does cataract surgery cost in Bangalore?

How much does cataract surgery cost in Bangalore?

The cost of Cataract Surgery depends upon multiple factors and ranges from Rs. 16,000 to Rs. 50,000 in Bangalore.

What is the average cost of cataract surgery per eye?

The average out-of-pocket cost of cataract surgery is $3,500 per eye, based on most recent estimates (updated April 21, 2021). The cost estimate reflects a standard cataract surgery procedure not covered by private insurance or Medicare, both of which could offset the out-of-pocket expense significantly.

Can cataract patients watch TV?

You can resume activities like watching TV or shopping after 2-3 days of surgery. You may resume all your routine household activities after a week. Do instill eye drops regularly, as advised by your eye doctor.

How long is cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete, depending on the severity of the condition. You should also plan to spend up to 30 minutes following the surgery to recover from the effects of the sedative.

What is the cost of cataract surgery in India?

The average cost of cataract surgery in India is usually between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. However, the prices may vary depending upon the hospitals in different cities.

How long after cataract surgery can you watch TV?

You can read or watch TV right away, but things may look blurry. Most people are able to return to work or their normal routine in 1 to 3 days. After your eye heals, you may still need to wear glasses, especially for reading.

Do I need to wear sunglasses to watch TV after cataract surgery?

No, you don’t have to wear sunglasses after cataract surgery. However, many find that they are more light-sensitive since more light is entering the eye post-surgery.

Is cataract surgery safe?

A cataract causes the lens to become cloudy, which eventually affects your vision. Cataract surgery is performed by an eye doctor (ophthalmologist) on an outpatient basis, which means you don’t have to stay in the hospital after the surgery. Cataract surgery is very common and is generally a safe procedure.

Which is the best hospital in Bangalore for cataract surgery?

Fortis Hospital Bangalore, located in Bengaluru, Bangalore, India offers patients Cataract Surgery procedures among its total of 190 available procedures, across 29 different specialties.

When can I get glasses after cataract surgery?

Most people need glasses after cataract surgery, but you can only get a prescription for eyeglasses after your eyes have healed enough (within one to three months after surgery). What’s the Success Rate of Cataract Surgery Procedures in Bangalore?

How is cataract surgery performed?

It is performed by an eye specialist, ophthalmologist and in most cases in performed on outpatient basis which means there is no need for the patient to stay in the hospital post the surgery. Cataract surgery is very common and is regarded as a very safe process. STEP 3: Injection of anaesthesia into the eye tissue.

How long does it take to recover from cataract surgery?

Cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure, meaning you can leave the hospital on the same day as the surgery. You should aim to stay in Bangalore for at least 3 to 7 days to allow your eye to heal and to go to follow-up hospital checkups as your surgeon will need to monitor your healing progress.

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