How much does Clinton Anderson charge to train your horse?

How much does Clinton Anderson charge to train your horse?

The Academy Horse Program is six weeks in length. What is the payment plan? Each six-week level of the Academy Horse Program costs $6,000/No Worries Club members or $6,500/non-members for training and $20/day for board.

What happened to Clinton Anderson horse trainer?

by Janelle Jessen | December 2, 2020 at 9:28 a.m. In 2018, Anderson made the decision to switch his career focus to training and showing performance horses, according to his website, …

What happened to Downunder Horsemanship?

Downunder Horsemanship trainer, Clinton Anderson has finally arrived at his new ranch. His new ranch is on 11 acres outside of the Farmington city limits. It includes a 28-stall barn, indoor with an insulated and cooled arena, an obstacle course, and cutting and square pens.

Where is Down Under Horsemanship located?

Stephenville, Texas
Currently, the business is run out of two locations in Stephenville, Texas. The office headquarters, where 20 employees work, is located on the edge of town on US Highway 377. A 250-acre ranch, where 11 employees work and public events are held, is located on FM 3025, just two miles off of State Highway 108.

Who won Road to the Horse 2018?

Vicki Wilson

Year Trainer Horse
2015 Chris Cox
2016 Nick Dowers
2017 Vicki Wilson (New Zealand) Boon River Lad ‘Kentucky’
2018 Vicki Wilson (New Zealand) Wyoming Pick | Crowns Lad

What horse feed does Clinton Anderson use?

Clinton Anderson’s Feed Room Clinton prefers to use alfalfa/timothy hay pellets and compressed alfalfa bales. He likes pellets because there is less waste and the horses enjoy them.

What I feed my horse?

Feeding tips

  1. Provide high quality alfalfa or grass roughage with a complementing grain to balance the horse’s diet.
  2. Always maintain at least half of the ration as roughage, such as hay or grass.
  3. Never feed moldy or dusty hay, grass or grain.
  4. Never feed lawn grass clippings.

What is the colt starting series?

In the Colt Starting Series, Clinton Anderson takes you step by step through his proven process for starting a young horse that establishes the foundation for a rewarding lifelong partnership.

How important are the first six weeks of a Colt’s life?

“The first six weeks of a colt’s life under saddle are the most important in his career. It’s vital that his training runs smoothly so that he doesn’t develop any bad habits,” Clinton explains. “Training young horses is certainly rewarding, but unless you have the knowledge to get the job done, things can go wrong very quickly.

How many arena mates are in the colt starting series?

The Colt Starting Series includes over 27 hours of video footage and 26 Arena Mates that follow a wild Mustang as he transitions from untouched to a safe and willing partner using 49 exercises that cover haltering, saddling, introducing the rider’s weight, and more.

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