How much does it cost to build a Mediterranean style home?

How much does it cost to build a Mediterranean style home?

The cost to build a Mediterranean style home varies according to location, but expect a typical range of $100 to $200 per square foot, according to HomeAdvisor. In urban areas with a high cost of living it can cost much more. For example, in New York City it costs about $400 per square foot.

What is a Mediterranean floor plan?

Architectural Features of Mediterranean House Plans: One or two stories with low-pitched red-tile roofs. Stucco exterior walls (often in pastel hues) Asymmetrical layout and open, airy living spaces. Archways, columns, and elaborate ceilings adorn the interior.

How many stories does a Mediterranean house have?

two stories
Must-Have Elements of Mediterranean Architecture Most Mediterranean homes are one to two stories and have large, symmetrical exteriors.

Do Mediterranean houses have basements?

Basements and Bonus Rooms While not all Mediterranean house plans are large, many of these homes feature substantial floor space and grand layouts. They may contain a terrace or basement level for multi-generational living or additional family space for young children and casual entertaining.

What is the difference between Mediterranean and Spanish style homes?

Though Mediterranean style homes are influenced by the architecture of Spain, they have some key differences when compared to Spanish style homes. Spanish architecture is often more simple in exterior design than Mediterranean, limiting ornate accents to areas around arches and windows.

What makes a house Mediterranean?

Mediterranean homes vary in style depending on the specific architectural influences, but many of these houses showcase similar exterior elements. Typical characteristics include arched windows and doors, wrought-iron details, clay roof tiles, stucco walls, and spacious outdoor living areas.

What are Mediterranean style house plans?

Mediterranean house plans draw inspiration from Moorish, Italian, and Spanish architecture. Mediterranean style homes usually have stucco or plaster exteriors with shallow red tile roofs that create shady overhangs.

What is a Spanish style house plan?

Spanish or Mediterranean style house plans are most commonly found in warm climates where the clay tile roofs assist in keeping the home cool during the hot summer months.

What is a Mediterranean lifestyle home?

Balance, whether in style or spirit, love of life and aesthetically pleasing architectural elements are the mainstay of the Mediterranean lifestyle. These homes represent family, color brilliance, contrasting patinas, extravagant landscaping and the sun kissed outdoors.

Is there such a thing as a Mediterranean garage extension?

Even detached garages have found their place within the Mediterranean home style. Ultimately, the size and position of the property lot can determine the most suitable garage extension for a family’s needs and America’s Best House Plans features hundreds of plans to choose from as well as the ability to modify all our house plans.

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