How much does it cost to get married at Chelsea Old Town Hall?

How much does it cost to get married at Chelsea Old Town Hall?

Monday to Thursday £550 (£100 Booking, £450 Attendance) Friday £550 (£100 Booking, £450 Attendance) Saturday £650 (£100 Booking, £550 Attendance) Sunday £750 (£100 Booking, £650 Attendance)

Can I get married at Chelsea Town Hall?

Chelsea Town Hall has three registry office rooms or ceremony rooms (also called register office rooms) where you can get married: The Brydon Room is the largest room at Chelsea Town Hall, seating up to 38 guests. The Rossetti Room is the most popular of Chelsea’s rooms, taking up to 12 guests.

Who has got married at Chelsea Registry Office?

As well as being a beautiful venue, the building has a rich history of famous weddings. Throughout the 20th Century, big names have wed there: Judy Garland, Pierce Brosnan and glam rock icon Marc Bolan all had their weddings there. Richard Burton and Hugh Grant are two other big names to tie the knot at Chelsea.

What’s the difference between marriage and civil partnership?

What are the differences between a marriage and a civil partnership? marriage is formed by vows, whereas a civil partnership is formed by signing the civil partnership document; and. marriages are ended by divorce, whereas civil partnerships are ended by dissolution, although the process is fundamentally the same.

What is meant by civil marriage?

What is a civil marriage? It is a marriage that can only be entered into between a man and a woman. A civil marriage will automatically be in community of property, unless an ante nuptial contract is entered into indicating that the marriage will be out of community of property, with or without the accrual system.

Is Kensington Palace registered for weddings?

That’s right, Kensington Palace plays host to weddings – and you do not have to be a member of the royal family to get married there. According to the palace’s website, you can host your wedding ceremony in the apartments of the palace, if you want to invite up to 150 guests.

Who has been married at Chelsea Old Town Hall?

Notable people married there

  • Neil Aspinall, music industry executive and Suzy Ornstein (1968)
  • Marc Bolan, singer and June Child (1970)
  • Pierce Brosnan, actor and Cassandra Harris, actress (1980)
  • Nigel Dempster, journalist, and Lady Camilla Osborne (1977)
  • Judy Garland, actress and Mickey Deans (1969),

What are the disadvantages of civil marriage?

The disadvantage of a civil marriage is the fact that it is not as easy to terminate. There is much more to it than ending a relationship of a couple who are not legally bound to one another.

What is the contact number for Kensington and Chelsea Register Office?

The contact number for Kensington and Chelsea Register Office is 020 7361 4100 and the email address is [email protected].

Where can I get married in Kensington and Chelsea?

You can get married or form your civil partnership in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea no matter where you live. There are around 30 venues within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea which have been licensed for civil ceremonies.

What is the Chelsea Old Town Hall?

Designed in the late Victorian era and constructed in the early Edwardian era, the Chelsea Old Town Hall is a graceful building in the heart of Chelsea which houses six licensed rooms, namely the Brydon Room, the Rossetti Room, the Harrington Room; and the Main Hall, Small Halls, and Cadogan Suite.

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