How much does it cost to see Liberty Bell?

How much does it cost to see Liberty Bell?

The Liberty Bell Center is located at 526 Market Street. Visitors exit from the south end of the building, near Chestnut Street. The security screening area closes 5 minutes before the building closes. Admission is FREE.

How long is Liberty Bell tour?

about a 1/2 hour
The tour itself is about a 1/2 hour. The liberty bell is not a timed ticket but a queue, and can be different from day to day.

Can you go see the Liberty Bell?

The Liberty Bell can be seen anytime and any day (or night) through large showcase windows on Chestnut Street, close to the Northeast corner at 6th and Chestnut Streets, across the street from Independence Hall.

Is there a crack in the Liberty Bell?

The Liberty Bell cracked up, literally, in February 1846, when it was rung on President’s Day, celebrated on Washington’s birthday, and then stopped ringing because of damage from a major crack. 5. The Liberty Bell rang often during its functional lifetime.

What word is spelled wrong on the Liberty Bell?

On the Liberty Bell, Pennsylvania is misspelled “Pensylvania.” This spelling was one of several acceptable spellings of the name at that time.

How big is the Liberty Bell?

It weighs about 2,080 pounds (943 kg), is 12 feet (3.7 metres) in circumference around the lip, and measures 3 feet (1 metre) from lip to crown. It bears the motto, “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof” (Leviticus 25:10).

Where is the original Liberty Bell kept?

Once placed in the steeple of the Pennsylvania State House (now renamed Independence Hall), the bell today is located across the street in the Liberty Bell Center in Independence National Historical Park.

Who broke Liberty Bell?

The cause of the break is thought to have been attributable either to flaws in its casting or, as they thought at the time, to its being too brittle. Two Philadelphia foundry workers named John Pass and John Stow were given the cracked bell to be melted down and recast.

Is Pennsylvania misspelled on the Liberty Bell?

In 1876, the United States celebrated the Centennial in Philadelphia with a display of replica Liberty Bells from each state. On the Liberty Bell, Pennsylvania is misspelled “Pensylvania.” This spelling was one of several acceptable spellings of the name at that time. The strike note of the Bell is E-flat.

Why is the Liberty Bell crack?

Cast at London’s Whitechapel Bell Foundry, the bell arrived in Philadelphia in August 1752. Because the metal was too brittle, it cracked during a test strike and had to be recast twice. After the British invasion of Philadelphia, the bell was hidden in a church until it could be safely returned to the State House.

Was the Liberty Bell stolen?

14,000 of those were taken from Checkoslovakian locations. As bells are easy to find and hard to hide, few were spared. As the depths of Nazi atrocities came to full light, Hitler stealing the Liberty Bell became a trivial footnote, and the plight of the missing bell was largely forgotten.

Do you need tickets to visit the Liberty Bell?

No tickets are currently required at the Liberty Bell. Visitors must reserve tickets online or by phone in advance for tours of Independence Hall. Masks are required inside all buildings in Independence National Historical Park, regardless of vaccination status.

How far in advance should I book Liberty Bell Center tours?

We recommend booking Liberty Bell Center tours ahead of time to secure your spot. If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour starts for a full refund.

Is the Liberty Bell Center wheelchair accessible?

The Liberty Bell Center is wheelchair accessible. There are NO restrooms (accessible or otherwise) in the Liberty Bell Center, but restrooms are available in the nearby Independence Visitor Center. Learn more about the accessibility services offered throughout the park on our website.

What are the hours of operation for Liberty Bell?

The Liberty Bell Center is open 9-5pm through the fall, winter, and spring and then 9-7 during the busy summer season around July Fourth. You can check with the National Park Rangers at the Independence Visitor Center or the website, if you want to be double sure about the times.

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