How much does Jarrah decking cost?

How much does Jarrah decking cost?

Jarrah (85mm wide) costs around $75 per m2. Merbau (140mm wide) costs about $60 per m2. Silver Top (90mm wide) costs about $69 per m2.

How much is Jarrah per linear meter?

MOST POPULAR: 85x20mm Standard & Better Grade – $8.05 per lineal metre.

How much does Jarrah cost?

In terms of the species you choose, standard-grade Jarrah can cost approximately 20-25 percent more than a more readily available timber like Blackbutt or Tasmanian Oak. For individual species, expect to pay: $65 per square metre for Blackbutt. $72 per square metre for Jarrah.

Is Jarrah wood expensive?

Pricing/Availability: Jarrah is a widely distributed timber throughout southwest Australia, and prices for local lumber should be moderate. Prices for imported Jarrah tends to be in the mid range for exotic lumber. Curly pieces, or burl block are likely to be much more expensive.

What is the difference between Jarrah and Merbau?

Jarrah is an Australian hardwood. It is heavy, tough with a distinctive dark red colouration. Merbau is a South East Asian rainforest hardwood that is also known as Kwila. It is a durable, dark reddish brown timber that is high in tannin content.

How hard is Jarrah wood?

Its density of 820 kg/m³ and hardness of 8.5 on the Janka scale provide for durable flooring. Jarrah is resilient enough to be used not just as solid timber, but also as engineered flooring, parquetry, or decking.

Is jarrah decking treated?

Jarrah is also naturally weather, rot, termite and marine borer resistant making it a highly durable timber for outdoor purposes, however the sapwood of the timber is Lyctid borer susceptible, so the sapwood present in decking may sometimes be treated.

Is jarrah good for decking?

With a natural resistance to rot, termites and extreme weather conditions, Jarrah is a great choice for decking. Its high density also makes it relatively resistant to fire.

Is Jarrah good for decking?

Can jarrahs be used for decking?

With a stunning finish, we suggest allowing Jarrahs natural colours to shine through. Consider stains or oils to enhance the tones of this hardwood, which will then deepen over time. Thankfully, this timber has a lifespan of up to 40 years when used for decking, ensuring it will stand the test of time.

What sizes does jarjarrah timber flooring come in?

Jarrah hardwood timber flooring is available in several grades and sizes. It comes in packs of random lengths usually ranging in size from 0.9m to approximately 5.0m. Call us now on (03) 94371612 for our discount timber flooring prices and any further information you may require on any of our other products.

What is jarjarrah wood used for?

Jarrah is a strong and dense hardwood with a Janka rating of 8.5, and is highly fire resistant and extremely durable. It is very resistant to decay and insect infestation, making it highly suited to many external uses, such as fencing, decking and outdoor furnishings as well as many internal applications.

Is Jarrah a combustible material?

For homes in a bushfire prone area, we recommend speaking with our team for suburb specific information. However, Jarrah is a low combustible material, and is rated between BAL 12.5 to 19. Is Jarrah a sustainable material?

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