How much horsepower can a Pontiac 400 make?

How much horsepower can a Pontiac 400 make?

Back in the day, the most powerful 400 (Ram Air IV) made by Pontiac put out 370 hp (GTO), so 512 hp is certainly a ton more performance; all in, it’s a package that looks deceptively stock.

What is a Pontiac 400 engine?

The Pontiac 400 engine was used as a high performance engine in sports cars, and it was used in large cars as a workhorse type engine, strong on power, though not as speedy as the higher performance engines. This was accomplished to a large extent by the use of carburetors.

What is a 400 engine in liters?

400. The largest version of the Generation I small-block was the 400 (6.6 liter). It was the only engine available with both the 4.125-inch bore and the 3.75-inch stroke crankshaft. It debuted in 1970 and was produced for 10 years.

What cubic inch is a Pontiac 400 bored 30 over?

Pontiac Blocks- Bore and Stroke

400 CU. IN. Stock Bore 4.120
30 over 4.150
60 over 4.180

How do I identify a Pontiac 400?

On blocks produced in 1970 and after, you will find 350, 400, or 455 stamped towards the left side of the front of the block. There is no displacement stamp for 421, 389 or 326 blocks. To further identify the year and application, move to the top and rear of the block, where the distributor is mounted.

How much can you bore a Pontiac 400?

Most Pontiac blocks can tolerate an overbore up to 0.060 inch, and possibly more after proper thickness testing. Boring and honing should always include a honing plate.

What kind of engine does a Pontiac 400 have?

Pontiac 400 V8 Engine The Pontiac 400 6.6 Liter engine was first introduced in 1967. This version of the Pontiac V8 engine was used in the GTO, Firebird, and the Trans-Am Firebird. The 400 was inspired by the Pontiac 389 V8 and proved to be the last Pontiac engine with closed chambered heads.

What are the specs of a 350ci engine?

350CI Specs Index 1 Horsepower: 350 hp @ 5,600 RPM 2 Torque: 380 lb./ft. @ 3,600 RPM 3 Compression Ratio: 11.0:1 4 Displacement: 350 cubic-inches (5.7 L) 5 Cylinder Bore: 4.00 inches (101.6 mm) 6 Stroke: 3.46 inches (87.88 mm)

How much horsepower does a Ford 400 V8 engine have?

At the start of the 1970s, the 400 V8 generated more than 300 horsepower, but decreased to 180 horsepower by the time the last 400 engine was produced in 1978.

What is the max torque of a 400cc engine?

Max Torque: 400 @ 3600 rpm Stroke: 3.75 Bore: 4.1212 Compression: 8.0 Firing Order: 18436572

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