How much horsepower does JBA long tube headers add?

How much horsepower does JBA long tube headers add?

The long-tube headers improved the peak power output from 407 horsepower to 434 horsepower, and the peak torque jumped up too, from 418 lb-ft to 439 lb-ft. We also liked the torque gains offered by the headers down low. The Hooker headers provided a solid increase in power and torque from 3,000 rpm past 6,000 rpm.

Do long tube headers increase horsepower?

For long tube headers, the exhaust pipes are much longer and merge farther out. Longer port pipes result in lower exhaust back pressure. This means improved oxygen intake and a boost in horsepower.

Are JBA headers legal in California?

That’s because of the assigned California Air Resources Board Executive Order (EO) number. JBA’s Cat4Ward headers are 50-state emissions-legal, and the collectors feature a Fire Cone, which is a smooth transition to increase exhaust flow velocity. That means long-tube headers cannot typically be used.

Why are long tube headers illegal?

16 Long Tube Headers Not only will they make your vehicle louder, but it is also considered tampering with your vehicles emissions, which according to the EPA is illegal under federal law. Drivers will most likely get away with it as long as your catalytic convertor and O2 sensors are still intact.

Do I need a tune for long tube headers?

Long tube headers constitute as a major change for the exhaust aspiration of your vehicle’s engine. To compensate for the added air flow, and the relocation of the oxygen sensors, a new or updated tune is required.

Are mid length headers legal?

The mid-length headers are California-legal because they retain the stock cats and H-pipe. You can see on the dyno chart that the mid-length headers make almost 25 more peak hp than the stock manifolds.

Which long tube header is right for me?

JBA Long Tube Headers are the number one choice for maximum performance gains and high RPM efficiency. These Long Tube Header designs are dyno and race proven to deliver the greatest possible increase in horsepower and torque throughout the RPM range.

Which JBA headers are best for my truck?

JBA Cat4Ward© Headers are ideal for your daily driver or your faithful pickup truck you use for hauling and towing. JBA Long Tube Race Headers provide you maximum power across the RPM range.

What is the difference between the JBA Shorty and long tube headers?

Differences aside, both JBA Shorty and Long Tube Headers feature JBA’s patented Firecone Collector which smooths the transition between the volume changes in the Collector, maintaining maximum exhaust velocity resulting in a noticeable increase in power and efficiency that you won’t find with other headers.

What is a Shorty header?

JBA’s shorty design is a modern innovation of the old header design. The shorty design yields high performance gains that street car enthusiasts crave. JBA Long Tube Headers are the number one choice for maximum performance gains and high RPM efficiency.

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