How much HP does LS6 intake add?

How much HP does LS6 intake add?

We found that that the LS6 intake manifold increased our LS1’s output by nearly 10 hp at the rear tires while torque went largely unchanged.

What is the LS6 intake part number?

Ls6 Intake Manifold OEM 12573572 Corvette 5.7.

How much HP does a fast intake add?

FAST (Fuel Air Spark Technology) has a new LSX 92mm intake on the market made of stronger composite materials than the OE manifolds. FAST claims the new LSX 92mm intake will add 20-plus horsepower to the Gen-III LS1, LS2, LS6, and LS7 engines.

Whats better LS1 or LS6?

The LS6 is a higher-performance version of the LS1. Both have a 5.7-liter displacement, with LS1 having 345-horsepower and 350-pounds per foot torque. It got a boost to 400- horsepower and a torque of 405-pounds per foot. On the other hand, the LS6 has a 385-horsepower and a torque of 385.

How much HP does a FAST 102 intake add?

The big 102mm intake showed us a gain of only 4 rwhp-it didn’t respond to the CNC-ported heads and bigger cam we previously tested. When tested on stock LS3/L92/L99 engines, it has shown average gains of 14-16 hp.

How much horsepower does a 102mm throttle body add?

FAST® engineers teamed up with airflow specialists at RHS® to develop polymer intake manifolds for GM LS based engines. Testing on a near stock LS7 engine with a Big Mouth 102mm Throttle Body™ produced gains of 16+ horsepower, and 26+ rear wheel horsepower on a 500c.

Is the Dorman LS6 intake as good as an LS6?

So Trick Flow Specialties recently tested the Dorman intake on one of its LS test engines. They also swapped out the intake and tested an original LS6 manifold and a FAST 92mm unit to get a good comparison. The Dorman LS6 replacement intake manifold (denoted by the red line) delivered nearly the same power as the original LS6 (blue line).

Should I upgrade my LS6 intake manifold?

The intake manifold and heads can only hold and flow so much air so they quickly become the restriction. We recommend upgrading your LS6 intake if you are also upgrading your intake manifold, cams, and heads. Unless you are adding these mods you just don’t need more air than the stock intake can supply.

Is there an LS2 intake for the ls1/ls2?

Dorman says it also has a 90mm LS2 intake in the works that will be a true performance upgrade for the LS1/LS2 manifolds and an improvement on the original LS6, too. The bottom line is less scrambling (and less money) for LS enthusiasts looking for that quick LS6 power upgrade.

What kind of throttle body does a GM LS6 have?

Both the original GM LS6 and Dorman intakes were mated with a 78mm throttle body; the FAST manifold (black line) used a 90mm throttle body for its test. The engine also sported a set of Trick Flow LS cylinder heads, which were being tested.

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