How much is a beach pass at WEM?

How much is a beach pass at WEM?

Regular Price $54 plus GST per pass. Group rate is valid for a minimum purchase of 15 passes. Choice Passes are not valid for private functions or special events. Rates and park hours are subject to change without notice.

Can you bring food into WEM waterpark?

No outside food, beverage is allowed in World Waterpark, including inside rental spaces. Drug use is not permitted under any circumstances. All guests of the rental space are required to take a cleansing shower prior to entering the water.

Do you need to bring towels to West Edmonton Mall Waterpark?

No outdoor food permitted.

How many water slides are in West Edmonton Mall?

World Waterpark features more than 17 unique waterslides and play features to keep you and the whole family having fun for hours!

What is West Edmonton Mall worth?

The mall was valued at $926 million in January 2007, and in 2016, for tax purposes, it was valued at $1.3034 billion, making it the most valuable property in Edmonton….West Edmonton Mall.

The Sea Life Caverns wing, 2015
Total retail floor area 350,000 m2 (3,800,000 sq ft)
No. of floors 3
Parking 20,000+, 10,000 overflow

When did West Edmonton Mall Waterpark open?

April 15, 1986
World Waterpark/Opened

Are there lockers at World Waterpark?

Yes, lockers and changerooms will be available. Please practice physical distancing while inside the changerooms. We have blocked off specific amenities inside changerooms to promote physical distancing. We encourage all guests visiting World Waterpark to wear a face mask in all non-aquatic environments.

How much do lockers cost at WEM waterpark?

There are concession options within the waterpark for lunch or you can choose to pack a lunch. Participants are responsible for the price of admission as well as any other purchases made throughout the day. Lockers are available on site for $8.

When did WEM waterpark open?

Do I need a ticket for the west Edmonton Mall waterpark?

-All family members over the age of 2 will require a ticket to enter the Waterpark, whether they plan to swim or not. If you are looking to book a cabana or have any questions about the venue, please contact West Edmonton Mall guest services directly.

How do I get more information on World Waterpark at Wem tickets?

If you need more information on World Waterpark At WEM tickets, parking passes, or just general questions call toll-free at 1-855-514-5624. Q: How do I purchase World Waterpark At WEM tickets from

When does West Edmonton Mall’s family pass expire?

Valid September 7, 2021 through June 2022 for toddler time families. Not valid on stat holidays, school breaks and high season. Please contact Waterpark Guest services at 780-444-5313 for more details. Enjoy all West Edmonton Mall attractions any time you want, as much as you want.

Where can I Spend my mywem points in Edmonton?

Enjoy all West Edmonton Mall attractions any time you want, as much as you want. Purchase at Sharky’s Supply Shack. Non-refundable. FREE with 150 MyWEM Points. Rent a towel for the day at World Waterpark Admissions. FREE with 1,600 MyWEM points. Single-space, all-day access.

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