How much is a Honda Shadow Aero 750 worth?

How much is a Honda Shadow Aero 750 worth?

2020 Honda Shadow Aero 750 • $7,699.

What is high mileage for a Honda Shadow?

A well-maintained Honda Shadow can last 15 years, on average. 15,000 miles is considered high mileage for these models, but it’s not uncommon to see models that go over 30,000 miles when the machine has been stored indoors over the winters.

How much does a 2007 Honda Shadow Aero 750 weight?

519.4 pounds
2007 Honda Shadow Aero- Specifications

Model: VT750
Trail: 161mm (6.3 inches)
Seat Height: 25.9 inches
Dry Weight: 519.4 pounds
Fuel Capacity: 3.7 gallons, including 0.9-gallon reserve

How much does a Honda Shadow 750 weight?

Honda Shadow Aero 750 Aero

Make Model Honda VT 750C Shadow Aero
Wheelbase 1640 mm (64.6 in.)
Seat Height 658 mm / 25.9 in
Wet Weight 250 kg / 553 lb
Fuel Capacity 14 Litres / 3.7 US gal

How many gears does a Honda Shadow Aero 750 have?

Wide-ratio five-speed transmission. Reliable electric starting system….Honda Shadow Aero 750 Aero.

Make Model Honda VT 750C Shadow Aero
Transmission 5 Speed
Final Drive Shaft
Gear Ratio 1st 2.400 (36/15) / 2nd 1.550 (31/20) / 3rd 1.174 (27/23) / 4th 0.960 (24/25) / 5th 0.852 (23/27)
Front Suspension 41mm Telescopic fork

What’s the difference between Honda Shadow Phantom and Aero?

The Aero features lots o’ brightwork, including the fork, headlight, handlebars and controls, air cleaner, subframe, and shock, and its fenders and seating are more “full-figured.” Whereas the sleeker Phantom has dark finishes from stem to stern, excepting its chromed exhausts.

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