How Much Is a Major Matt Mason worth?

How Much Is a Major Matt Mason worth?

Major Matt Mason value and price guide

Title Date Price
Major Matt Mason Space Exploration Game Complete 3d By 12/2021 $275
Major Matt Mason Iron On Patch Mattel Space Corps 12/2021 $20
Mattel S Man In Space Major Matt Mason Talking Nw 12/2021 $270
1968 Mattel Major Matt Mason Space Station Parts W 12/2021 $79

Who made Major Matt Mason?

Major Matt Mason was an action figure created by Mattel. He was an astronaut who lived and worked on the Moon….Major Matt Mason.

Manufacturer(s) Mattel
Era 1960s
Category Action Figures
Web address

How tall is Major Matt Mason?

Although the 12″, 13″, and even 14″ action figure continued to dominate the market throughout the early- to mid-1970s, the benefits of the smaller scale introduced by Mattel were eventually realized: Fisher-Price’s 3.75″ Adventure People (1975)—again, not superheroes, but paramedics, construction workers, and scuba …

Is there a Major Matt Mason movie?

Mattel’s 1960s astronaut toy line, Major Matt Mason, is getting a live-action movie, with Tom Hanks set to star. Tom Hanks has chartered another onscreen adventure in space, having signed on for Major Matt Mason, a movie based on Mattel’s 1960s line of astronaut action figures.

What is the history of Major Matt Mason toys?

The first Major Matt Mason toys arrived on store shelves in 1966, in the midst of NASA’s efforts to reach the moon. Mattel’s timing was perfect.

Who was Matt Mason’s space Buddy?

“Major Matt Mason’s Space Buddy, Jeff Long, Space Scientist-Rocketry…Rides his lunar trac- Searches for rocket launch sites.” Callisto was Major Matt Mason’s friend from Jupiter. “Callisto’s transparent skull reveals a highly developed humanoid brain endowed with superior mental powers.” Mattel’s first man in space was Major Matt Mason.

Did Major Matt Mason have a space station?

Major Matt Mason had a space station, with blue-tinted radiation screens, and a flashing radar beacon. The Mattel Mission Space Team also had a huge number of accessories and fantastic vehicles for adventures throughout the Galaxy. The first Major Matt Mason toys arrived on store shelves in 1966,…

What year did Matt Mason make the Space Crawler?

Mattel 1967 Major Matt Mason Man Space Crawler /Works! Major Matt Mason Jet Pack and Helmet Display Stand “White/Blue” New!! MATTEL1966 MAJOR MATT MASON MAN IN SPACE HUGE LOT PARTS VEHICLES CAPT.

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