How much is a Stoeger 3500?

How much is a Stoeger 3500?

M3500 Shotgun

Item Number Barrel Length MSRP
31885 28″ $799

Is the Stoeger M3500 any good?

The M3500 is a great all-around shotgun that can be used to hunt any animal you can think of hunting using a shotgun. I’m not going to lie and act like it’s better than a Benelli Black Eagle, but it’s incredibly reliable, shoots straight, and can chamber just about anything you put in it.

Where is Stoeger 3500 made?

The Stoeger M3500 is a semi automatic, tube magazine, inertia-action shotgun made in Turkey.

What is a Stoeger M3500?

Description. The Stoeger® M3500 Semi-Auto Shotgun uses the reliable Inertia Driven® action to cycle all shotgun shells from 2-3/4″ to 3.5″ without adjustment. The M3500 semi-automatic shotgun comes pre-drilled and tapped to accommodate Weaver-style scope bases, and has sling swivel studs on the stock and fore-end cap.

What comes with a Stoeger M3500?

The Stoeger M3500 comes with either a 24-, 26- or 28-inch barrel, fitted with a ventilated, stepped rib and fiber-optic front sight for quick target acquisition, even under low-light hunting conditions. The alloy receiver is drilled and tapped and includes a Weaver-style scope base.

How good is a Stoeger shotgun?

The gun is reliable, durable and has performed as well as any gun I have carried. It’s hard to find any drawbacks with this gun. The Benelli has a bit less felt recoil and a few other features that make it worth the increased price. But for its price, Stoeger is a gun any hunter will be impressed with.

How many shells does a Stoeger M3500 hold?

One is an extra-full Turkey choke while the other “Predator” choke is computer optimized for T-shot that’s often used on coyotes. The M3500 features a long mag tube that holds four 3-inch or 3½-inch shells or five 2¾-inch shells.

What company makes Stoeger shotguns?

Stoeger is a wholly owned subsidiary of Benelli, which in turn is owned by Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta. Besides marketing a line of tactical and hunting shotguns as well as air rifles, Stoeger also serves as an FFL for importing firearms by Uberti, also a member of the Benelli/Beretta group.

Is the Stoeger m3500 a good shotgun?

The Stoeger M3500 shotgun is a top choice for waterfowl, turkey or upland game hunting. Everyday tough, the M3500 is versatile, reliable and provides excellent value. For performance and dependability in the field, no other 3-1/2″ semi-auto shotgun in this price range compares!

What kind of Guns does Stoeger make?

Products in the Stoeger range today include shotguns, pistols, target guns, and tactical guns. Besides the Luger, some of the models offered are the X50 air rifle, STR 9 pistol, Cougar semi-automatic pistol, P-350 pump shotgun, the M3500 semi-automatic shotgun, and more.

How long does it take to get a shotgun from Stoeger?

Handguns typically arrive within 2-3 business days and long guns within 4-5 business days. The Stoeger® M3500 Semi-Auto Shotgun uses the reliable Inertia Driven™ action to cycle 2-3/4″, 3″ or 3-1/2″ shells without adjustment, making it an extremely versatile shotgun.

What is included with the model 3500 snow goose shotgun?

A rugged paracord sling is included with the M3500 Snow Goose shotgun (#31905FS). Loading, unloading and operating the Model 3500 Snow Goose (#31905FS) in cold weather is made easier by the large bolt handle and bolt-release button.

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