How much is an Elvis Presley Christmas album worth?

How much is an Elvis Presley Christmas album worth?

Elvis Presley: “Elvis Christmas Album” (1957 RCA LP, red vinyl) — $18,000.

What is Elvis Golden Records worth?

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Album Title Information Price
Elvis’ Golden Records LSP – 1707(e) Recorded on RCA $20.00
50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can’t Be Wrong: Elvis’ Gold Record – Vol. 2 LSP-2075(e) Recorded on RCA $12.00
Elvis Golden Records Volume 3 Recorded on RCA LSP-2765 re Still sealed original tan or orange lablel $50.00

What color was the Christmas that Elvis Presley had?

What color was the Christmas that Elvis “The King” Presley had? – Quora. Blue. He sang the song of “Blue Christmas”. It was written by Billy Hayes and Jay W Johnson.

What kind of Christmas did Elvis have?

He had a white nylon Christmas tree which rotated on its stand and played Christmas carols, and he decorated it with red ornaments.

How many gold records did Elvis have?

Elvis–the second most awarded solo performer and third most awarded act in RIAA history (after the Beatles at #1 and Garth Brooks at #2)–has racked up more Gold Records (101) than any other act and is the only artist still earning RIAA certifications whose connection to the association dates back to its founding.

What was the cover of Elvis’Christmas album in 1957?

Original 1957 copies of Elvis’ Christmas Album (LOC-1035) were issued with a red booklet-like album cover (as shown above) featuring promotional photos from Presley’s third movie Jailhouse Rock.

What was Elvis’first Christmas album?

Elvis’ Christmas Album. Elvis’ Christmas Album (also reissued as It’s Christmas Time) is the third studio album and first Christmas album by American singer and musician Elvis Presley on RCA Victor, LOC -1035, a deluxe limited edition, released in October 1957, and recorded at Radio Recorders in Hollywood.

How many Christmas songs Did Elvis Presley record in 1957?

The original 1957 LP consisted of six popular Christmas songs, two traditional Christmas carols and four gospel songs which had been previously released on the EP Peace in the Valley, catalogue EPA 4054, issued March 1957, peaking at No. 3 on the Pop albums chart and at No. 39 on the singles chart.

How much can you get for your Elvis Christmas records?

Elvis Presley’s 1957 LP, Elvis Christmas Album, the limited edition version in red vinyl, could fetch as much as $18,000. (eBay) You know all of those old Christmas records, the ones you’ve been meaning to dump off at the thrift store? Maybe take a second look. Some of that dusty old vinyl could bring you some shiny silver — upwards of $18,000.

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