How much is membership at Richmond County Country club?

How much is membership at Richmond County Country club?

Initiation Fee | $1,250 Annual Dues | $750 with 3 year commitment. NON-RESIDENT MEMBERSHIP GROUP MEMBERSHIP OFFER Non-Resident Memberships are available to individuals whose residence is located a  Groups of 5 receive a 50% Initiation Fee minimum of 60 miles from Richmond Country price reduction. Club.

How many members are in the Country Club of Virginia?

7,600 members
About 7,600 members belong to the club, which encompasses 1,111 acres with two clubhouses located 7 miles apart. The club has 54 holes of golf, 24 tennis courts, five squash courts, three paddle tennis courts, a fitness facility, five pools, multiple dining outlets and special event venues.

How much is Willow Oaks Country club membership?

The Club and its members welcome you to get to know Willow Oaks. *Monthly expense reflects dues & monthly capital fee (Full: $50, Athletic: $40, Social: $15). There is an additional $5 fee per month for each child age 10 or older.

Does the PGA play in Virginia?

The top 72 professional golfers on the PGA TOUR Champions play each year at The Country Club of Virginia, James River Course. For more information about the tournament, please visit the tournament website.

How much does it cost to join the Dominion Club?

The Dominion Club has 780 members. The cost for a full golf membership is a $3,500 initiation fee with monthly fees of $422. A social membership, with access to all the facilities except the golf course, is a $2,000 initiation fee with monthly dues of $204.

Who owns Kinloch Golf?

Kinloch is a product of the collective vision of three men, CB Robertson, Marvin ‘Vinny’ Giles and Lester George.

What makes Richmond VA Special?

And like other best places to visit in the commonwealth, Richmond boasts some impressive American Revolution sites (like St. John’s Church) and an extensive chronicle of Civil War memorabilia (found in The American Civil War Museum or the Virginia Historical Society).

What happened to the Hermitage Club?

The resort and other properties were previously owned by a company run by Jim Barnes until financial issues brought about a foreclosure complaint then bankruptcy proceedings. The club is now managed by a volunteer board and is offering trial memberships this season, according to a news release.

How much does a Richmond Country Club membership cost?

How much does a Richmond Country Club membership cost? On average, the initiation fees are well over $10,000 and monthly fees range anywhere from $400 to more than $800+ These costs, as with most country club membership, depend on the member’s age and the type of membership you sign up for.

Where is Richmond Country Club?

The Richmond Country Club is a private social gathering place and sports facility for golf, in the Hilltop District of Richmond, California, United States.

What is the area of Richmond VA?

Richmond is located at 37°32′N 77°28′W / 37.533°N 77.467°W / 37.533; -77.467 (37.538, −77.462). According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has a total area of 62 square miles (160 km2), of which 60 square miles (160 km2) is land and 2.7 square miles (7.0 km2) of it (4.3%) is water.

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