How much water is in Folsom Lake right now?

How much water is in Folsom Lake right now?

FOLSOM (CBS13) — Folsom Lake is just 58% full, but the federal government is now releasing water from the dam.

How high is Folsom?

466 feet
The Lake level normally varies from 466 feet elevation in early summer to a low of 426 feet in early winter. During a 24-hour period, the releases of water from Folsom Dam can vary greatly to meet changing demands for water and power.

How much did Folsom Lake rise?

As of Tuesday, the lake’s level was at 425.52 feet above sea level and continuing to rise. Capacity is more than double it was just weeks ago at 574,369-acre feet, which equates to 59 percent of capacity. When compared to averages, the lake is now at 144 percent for this time of year.

Why is Folsom Lake so low?

The lake is low because the precipitation in the watershed that feeds the reservoir is below average. The 2021 outflows that are higher than the similar period in 2020 may be connected to the higher temperatures this Spring and the higher demand for electricity.

Is California drought over?

California’s drought is not over despite a bounty of snowfall and rain over the past month: California’s snowpack — a critical source of water — is 150% of average for Jan. 4. But with three months left of the wet season, it’s not enough to bring an end to the severe drought and water shortages.

Is Folsom Lake water clean?

The vast majority of water entering Folsom Lake and Lake Natoma is well oxygenated, cold water of high quality. As water flows through the two lakes, it is impacted by various sources of water quality degradation that cause water quality problems.

Where does Folsom get its water?

Folsom Lake
The City of Folsom receives its water exclusively from Folsom Lake. Its service area is divided into two sections. The city delivers water from its treatment plant to service connections south of Lake Nimbus.

Is Folsom in a drought?

FOLSOM, Calif. — This comes as the water supply across the state continues to dwindle amid a crippling drought. Folsom itself draws water from the American River at Folsom Lake, which has lower levels than it did during the 2014-15 drought. This is the second driest year on record since 1977.

Is Folsom Lake disappearing?

Officials have said Folsom Lake levels likely will fall to 120,000 acre-feet by the end of September. That’s well below last year’s record low of 150,000 acre-feet. An acre-foot is almost 326,000 gallons. That means the lake would not fall below that level.

How full is Folsom Lake?

Furthermore, how full is Folsom Lake? As of Wednesday morning, the lake’s surface elevation was 463.84 feet above sea level, 2.16 feet below the reservoir’s maximum elevation of 466 feet, according to the California Department of Water Resources. At that level, Folsom Lake stands at 97 percent of capacity, and 120 percent of historical average.

What is the largest reservoir in California?

The largest single reservoir in California is Shasta Lake, with a full volume of more than 4,552,000 acre feet (5.615 km3).

Where is Folsom Lake California?

Folsom Lake is a reservoir on the American River in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California, United States. It is located within Placer, El Dorado, and Sacramento counties. It is about 25 mi (40 km) northeast of Sacramento.

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