How old is Ariadna?

How old is Ariadna?

52 years (January 23, 1969)
Ariadna Gil/Age

Is Ariadna Gil married?

David Truebam. 1993–2008
Ariadna Gil/Spouse

Is Viggo Mortensen married to Ariadna?

Ariadna Gil Giner (Catalan pronunciation: [əˈɾjaðnə ʒil ʒiˈne]; born 23 January 1969) is a Spanish actress. She is known for her acting in films such as Belle Époque, Lágrimas Negras and Pan’s Labyrinth….

Ariadna Gil
Spouse(s) David Trueba ​ ​ ( m. 1993; div. 2008)​
Partner(s) Viggo Mortensen (2009–present)
Children 2

Why did Ariadna and Damian break up?

Unsurprisingly, the couple have since split because “the negativity got out of hand” and Ariadna believes that “the only reason this became such a big deal is because both me and him were both very well known on social media.”

Does Viggo Mortensen have a son?

Henry Mortensen
Viggo Mortensen/Sons

What horse did Viggo Mortensen buy?

Mortensen bought Uraeus, a bay Dutch Warmblood, and Kenny, a chestnut Thoroughbred, for himself. The two horses went to live with a vet in New Zealand, with the actor visiting them on a regular basis.

Where does Ariadna Gil live?

downtown Madrid
The film icon is married to Spanish actress Ariadna Gil, lives in downtown Madrid and is a member of the pro-Catalan independence association Òmnium Cultural. Viggo Mortensen is an exotic mix of all the countries he has lived in: the United States, Denmark, Venezuela, Argentina and Spain.

How did Viggo Mortensen meet Ariadna Gil?

Giner first met Mortensen on the set of her 2008 film Alatriste, and according to many reports, the two became immediately smitten. Their relationship caused some controversy at the time since Giner was still married to well-known director David Trueba.

How old is Viggo?

63 years (October 20, 1958)
Viggo Mortensen/Age

How old is Ariadna Gil?

Ariadna Gil was born in Barcelona Spain on 23 December 1969. Her mother’s name is August Gil Matamala. Her father works as a lawyer in Spain and has made a very good name for himself. When she was young she used to dream about featuring in a movie and living a lifestyle that only an actress could manage to have.

What kind of movies has Ariadna Gil been in?

Over the course of the next few years, Ariadna Gil made interesting film choices and portrayed roles that challenged her skills. She starred in the superhit film ‘El laberinto del fauno’/’Pan’s Labyrinth’ in 2006. The movie went on to win several Academy Awards and was touted to be the best Spanish movie of the year.

Who is Ariadna Nadir married to?

Ariadna married the director, writer and actor David Trueba in 1993. The couple also had two children: Violeta Rodriguez and Leo Trueba. However, the two decided to divorce each other in 2008. Ariadna started dating actor, Viggo Mortensen, in 2009 and they continue to remain a love-struck couple even today.

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